What is Shakti?

Shakti is the creative energy of the universe

Anything that has Shakti is alive, luminous and desirable.

Shakti is the essence of vibrant health, feeling good in your own skin and feeling that your life has meaning and value.

When you have Shakti you have the energy to engage with life in meaningful ways. Shakti empowers you to seek growth and change and to find purpose and fulfilment in everyday life. Shakti is the foundation for a conscious life.

When Shakti is directed inwards it empowers you to raise your consciousness, to experience yourself as part of something greater.

Ultimately, Shakti is the fuel that powers your spiritual growth and the awakening of consciousness.

Signs of Shakti

Following is a list of indicators that Shakti is alive and well within your body, mind and spirit.

  • You feel vital and full of energy
  • You have a clear and enquiring mind
  • You have a good memory
  • You have the ability to deeply relax
  • You face the stress with resilience and courage
  • You have both an inner and outer glow
  • Your eyes are clear and bright
  • You have the power to take a full breath
  • You can easily digest food and life experiences
  • You have the ability to expel toxins from your body and mind

Three main forms of Shakti

Indian philosophy states that creative power has three parts:

Gyana (jnana) Shakti – the power to know

Iccha Shakti  willpower

Kriya Shakti – the power to act 

These three Shakti’s can be thought of as intention, formulation and expression. For example, you intend to do something, you formulate a plan in your mind, and you act on that plan, expressing your inner state into the outer world. You create something.

Yoga philosophy describes three forms of Shakti moving through the body, mind and spirit:

Prana Shakti governs all physical actions, organs and functions. Cultivate this form of Shakti via deep relaxation techniques such as Yoga Nidra and those found in the Prana and Pranic Healing MP3/CD.

Chitta Shakti governs all of your mental functions, including your intelligence, thinking, emotions, memory, desires, courage, decision making, planning and so on. All meditation techniques develop mental power, however, it is especially well developed by the techniques found on Ajapa Japa and Core Strength Calm Mind.

Atma Shakti is the causal and creative power of consciousness. Develop spiritual Shakti by techniques such as those found on The Chakras.

Big Shakti is dedicated to helping you to increase Shakti in every aspect of your life.


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