Ajapa Japa, Breath and Mantra – Guided Training

Balance the mind, and awaken higher consciousness.

Introductory Talk, 3 Meditations, 60 minutes



Ajapa Japa is the foundation meditation upon which all Yoga-Tantra practice rests. Ajapa Japa is a complete system for healing, self-development, and spiritual awareness. This core Yoga-Tantra teaching reveals the mantra hidden at the core of your being that is vibrating you into existence.

In both human beings and the cosmos, there is a universal sound vibration, a powerful mantra that can be heard in the subtle breath that arises from the spiritual dimensions of your being. In the ancient yogic texts, this mantra is the song of the soul singing you into existence.  Ajapa Japa meditation enables you to tune into this most powerful mantra resonating at the very heart of your being. As you tune into the sound, you cognize the intrinsic connection between your individual self, your universal self, and the cosmos as a whole.

By aligning yourself with this great and powerful mystery, you synchronize your deepest self with the expansive cosmos. Your inner and outer worlds become one, and you experience the bliss of living an authentic, meaningful, and harmonious life.

Before this exalted spiritual realization, Ajapa Japa heals the mind and liberates the energy trapped in destructive and neurotic mental and emotional patterns – increasing well-being and inner peace.

To learn more about how to apply Ajapa Japa meditation for healing – go to the online course Ajapa Japa – Stage 1:  Healing the Mind.


01 Talk on Ajapa Japa 

02 Psychic Breath (Ujjayi)

03 Ajapa Japa in the Nasal Passage

04 Ajapa Japa in the Frontal Passage

Publisher Info

Title: Ajapa Japa – Breath, Mantra and Consciousness

Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Content: Intro Talk and Guided Meditations

Media: Mp3

Duration:  60 minutes

Track guide:

Track 1. Talk on Ajapa Japa

This talk describes the practice of Ajapa Japa as one of the most important and powerful of all the meditation practices from the Yoga-Tantra tradition. It is a complete system for health, individual self-development and transcendental experience. You will learn about the five keys for successful Ajapa Japa and the three stages of inner growth and spiritual maturity.

Track 2. Psychic breath – Ujjayi

Ujjayi is a controlled yogic breathing technique that is also called throat, psychic or conscious breathing.  Ujjayi is practiced by subtly tensing the throat in order to make an extremely soft sound, like the wind in a pipe. This breath carries awareness to the more subtle layers of the being. Ujjayi is used to manipulate pranic energy.

Track 3. Ajapa Japa in the Nasal Passage

Ajapa Japa can be performed by observing the breath moving in the nasal passage while repeating a mantra. This form of Ajapa Japa teaches you to observe the breath moving between the trigger points for two important chakras. One trigger point is located at the tip of the nose, and one is located at the eyebrow center. The point at the tip of the nose relates to the muladhara chakra, the center of raw, primal energy that keeps us alive and embodied. The eyebrow center is a trigger point for ajna chakra, the third eye of intuition, which communes with higher consciousness.

Track 4. Ajapa Japa in the Frontal Passage

Ajapa Japa in the Frontal Passage focuses on the psychic passage at the front of the body between the navel and the throat. The navel is the trigger point for manipura chakra, the chakra of health and vitality. The throat is the trigger point for the vishuddhi chakra, the chakra of purification and communication. Breath and mantra move energy from the navel up through the heart to the throat. Power becomes infused with compassion, is purified, and can be used for both worldly success and a higher purpose.

Practice hints:

Ajapa Japa can be used as a complete meditation on its own or it can be part of a larger system of practice. For example, it can be done before or after simple sitting and observing the breath or mind. Ajapa Japa can also be practiced before or after mantra meditation with a mala (meditation beads). It is best done after yogic stretching (asana) and breathing (pranayama) practices, though some people enjoying doing this upon rising and/or before going to bed without any other practice. The choice is yours. Listen to the tracks on the CDs sequentially and practice the meditation techniques in the sequence given. Master the first and simple methods before progressing to the next practice. Aim to practice at least once per day.

Track 1. Talk on Ajapa Japa


Track 4. Ajapa Japa in the Frontal Passage


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