Are you looking for the best yoga podcast to binge on and ease your mind off the troubles? There might be various reasons for you to listen to the greatest yoga podcasts in 2023. Either you can be a brand-new yoga instructor seeking career advice and motivation, or you might be a total novice to yoga. You will find everything you’re looking for here! There are many yoga podcasts available, each of which reflects the personality and teaching style of a distinct teacher. Finding the ones that work best for you involves some trial and error.

Before podcasts and online yoga were the hottest current trends, some yoga instructors and studios capitalised on this new ability to reach a global audience by starting to “cast” their lessons. This post will examine some of the top podcasts to subscribe to and awaken your true self. So, let us look at the top yoga podcast right away and start listening to them!

  1. Deepening Chakra and Kundailini Sadhana 2023:

This is a unique chance to learn and put the practices taught in the Light on the Chakras and Kundalini Course into practice. For the subtle body to become a live presence in your daily life, the podcast will further solidify and animate it in your consciousness.

If you’ve been finding it difficult to keep up, we’ll assist you in customising your practice. We’ll develop a protocol that lets you concentrate on the components that will best meet your unique needs. We created the podcast to help you understand the overall (context) of the extensive study that the yoga-tantra approach is, whilst helping you identify what is best for you right now.

  1. Light on the Chakras and Kundailini:

The goal of the podcast is to awaken strong psychic and spiritual energy that elevates consciousness and deepens self-awareness. You’ll create a strong, steady mind that can withstand the potent energies present in the psyche and the activation of kundalini whilst simultaneously increasing self-awareness.

When the podcast is followed systematically, it improves mental health and emotional resilience. Additionally, it teaches you how to cultivate mental health and emotional fortitude and explains how yoga therapy and psychotherapy both use these strategies effectively.

  1. Ujjayi Pranayama:

The yoga podcast is for anyone who wants to learn to use their breath and become more self-aware by being able to self-regulate under each circumstance. Ujjayi has advantageous effects on both your physical and mental wellbeing.

This yoga breath, which is more significant from the perspective of the chakras, allows you to take your awareness deeply into the subtle dimensions of your being. It explores into your psyche so you can become aware of the most subtle levels of your existence and sense the resonance of your chakras in your spinal cord.

  1. Awaken your third eye of intuition:

An under-active third eye results in overthinking and confusion, which can result in anxiety, self-doubt, and poor judgment. As you are unable to access your own intuitive knowledge, you will look to others for guidance and empowerment.

The podcast is helpful for anyone who struggles with anxiety, mild to moderate depression, disorientation, overthinking, or emotional problems. This is due to the ajna chakra’s dominance over the mind and brain. The podcast will help your mental organs to better align once this chakra is awakened and activated. You start to have faith in your instincts and yourself whilst developing confidence and spontaneity, decision-making skills, and the ability to self-correct when necessary.

  1. Essence of enlightenment:

Your mind will take control of you if you don’t have a strong sense of connection to yourself. You will be overwhelmed with overthinking, anxieties, and emotional upheaval, which can result in anxiety and sadness. The goal of the Essence of Enlightenment podcast is to make friends with your intellect and develop a connection with your inner self.

Yoga psychology and yoga-tantra theory will give you a strong theoretical foundation to help you comprehend how your mental and emotional patterns form and become ingrained as well as how to break bad, destructive habits.

  1. Stress the mind body connection:

The podcast is hosted by Dr. Ron Ehrlich who explored the mind-body connection with Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati. It is available on Apple podcasts where the speaker establishes a deep connection between yoga, meditation, connection between mind and the body, mindfulness, conscious mind.


Experiencing clarity on the knowledge shared on the podcasts of Big Shakti will enable you to understand and train your mind in liberating ways. Develop an authentic sense of mastery by listening to these yoga podcasts that create more vital, healthier, and enlightened patterns of being.


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