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Introductory Talk, 3 Meditations, 77 minutes


Which guided yoga and meditation technique is right for you?

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an exalted, joyful, and powerful state of being. This blissful meditative state arises from any process or technique that cultivates Self-awareness and Self-knowledge.

Meditation is a process in which the meditator meditates on the object of meditation. Ultimately, the meditator and the object of meditation are united within the act of meditation.

As a result of this, you gain physical and mental health and awaken higher consciousness.

Courage and Skill in Facing Life Through Guided Yoga and Meditation

The consistent practice of guided yoga and meditation creates a powerful, resilient inner core that is undisturbed by negative experiences. Specific meditation techniques that involve grounding your energy and aligning you to your higher Self accelerate the refinement and power of your inner core. Grounding meditation techniques create a structure for connecting with the higher Self safely and effectively and expressing this relationship in your life meaningfully and in a grounded way.

The side effects of developing a stable inner core include the capacity to transform weakness into strength, rigidity into flexibility, and ignorance into wisdom. Then you can withstand life’s difficulties and setbacks with knowledge, courage, intelligence, and skill.

The best way to learn meditation is using a guided yoga and meditation MP3

The best way to learn meditation is to have a guide. Big Shakti has created a number of guided yoga and meditation MP3s that will enable you to move forward on the path to higher awareness and a more relaxed, healthier, and better life.

These are divided into Foundation and Intermediation guided yoga and meditation MP3s.

Foundation Guided Yoga and Meditation MP3s

1. 3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation

The 3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation series of guided yoga and meditation techniques support good health, develops clarity of mind, and improve concentration and memory.

Simple, calming, and restorative, this guided practice breaks the process of relaxation into small steps so you learn how to relax in any situation. Each step takes you progressively deeper into relaxation, turning off the negative effects of stress, anxiety, and overthinking and soothing your body and mind.

Use these steps anytime, anywhere, to rest deeply, calm yourself, and replenish your energy. Over time, you will become a more relaxed and expressive person.

Relaxation techniques are especially valuable for students studying for exams, those who are short on sleep, trying to meet deadlines, and people recuperating from illness or surgery.

All the techniques can be practiced in a lying position if you prefer to do your guided yoga and meditation practices in this position, which is especially important if you are recovering from a chronic illness or surgery.

This guided relaxation is an excellent gift for those who have never meditated before but want a simple way to relax and recharge. It requires no prior meditation experience.

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2. Introduction to Yoga Nidra Meditation

This guided Yoga Nidra and Meditation series contains three tracks

  1. Talk on Meditation and Yoga Nidra
  2. Introduction to meditation
  3. Yoga Nidra

The rest gained from 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra Meditation is deeper and more effective than hours of sleep.

Yoga Nidra is Big Shakti’s most popular guided yoga and meditation technique. Performed in the lying position, Yoga Nidra reduces the negative effects of stress, eliminates fatigue, and relieves anxiety. It enables you to relax, restore, recharge, and rejuvenate and to experience a deeply restful state and a sense of well-being that is hard to experience with other forms of meditation.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra Meditation

  1. Relax and rest deeply
  2. Remove the effects of stress.
  3. Support healing and rejuvenation.
  4. Create a calm, centered state.
  5. Increase willpower and create a powerful mind.
  6. Restore innate joy and peace.

Relax, Restore, Recharge, and Rejuvenate

During the practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation, your body enters a sleep-like state while your mind remains awake and aware. As a result, you release tension from the deepest layers of the body and mind.

Yoga Nidra Meditation systematically releases tension from the physical body and clears worry and anxiety from the mind. It quickly reduces excessive thinking and can release long-held tensions, such as lingering emotions or negative childhood memories.

This profound state of relaxation automatically generates positive feelings and emotions.

Introduction to Meditation

Included with this Yoga Nidra Meditation MP3 is a wonderfully nurturing and enjoyable practice called Introduction to Meditation.

It is a simple and highly effective guided yoga and meditation technique, ideally performed in the sitting position, that combines all the steps of relaxation and meditation into a single, potent healing practice. It increases energy and supports all forms of healing. It can also be performed in the lying position.

This guided meditation forms an effective foundation for all meditation practices. It gently teaches you how to avoid feeling tense, uncomfortable and preoccupied with unwelcome thoughts during meditation.

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3. Yoga Nidra – Sensations and Chakra Rotation

Yoga Nidrā Meditation – Sensations & Chakra Rotation is practiced in the lying position. Your body enters a deep sleep-like state while your mind remains awake and can explore your inner world. In this state, you can access the chakras, powerful energy centers in the spine that enable you to

If you have never practiced Yoga Nidrā Meditation, we recommend that you start with our Introduction to Meditation and Yoga Nidra. These meditations are designed to support deep relaxation and rest so that you can recuperate from stress, fatigue, exhaustion, and illness.

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4. Inner Silence Mindfulness Meditation

Inner Silence (Antar Mouna) guided meditation techniques cultivate witnessing, mindfulness, and self-awareness.

Witnessing is the ability to see your thoughts and emotions objectively. Mindfulness is the ability to remain present in each moment. Self-awareness enables self-knowledge. Therefore, Inner Silence empowers you to:

  • Better manage your thoughts and emotions
  • Better manage anxiety and depression and prevent cognitive decline
  • Clear the mind of old, toxic thoughts and emotions
  • Access your innate resilience, intelligence, and intuition
  • Develop authentic self-confidence

Mindfulness training is a scientifically proven psychological intervention for stress, anxiety, and various mental illnesses.

Inner Silence empowers you to attain enlightenment by showing you how to disentangle yourself from an overactive mind. The practice leads to an enlightening experience of deep inner silence and self-awareness.

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Intermediate Guided Yoga and Meditation MP3s

1. Reduce Anxiety Increase Calm – Guided Training

These guided yoga and meditation practices help you to manage stress and face difficulties with greater confidence and resilience – to develop a more accepting, courageous spirit.

Rather than building your physical and abdominal core, you’ll strengthen your deep energetic, psychological, and emotional core.

These yoga and meditation techniques will make you feel more grounded, present, and resilient in all situations, including those you enjoy and those you want to avoid.

You’ll build energy, inner strength and stability, and a calmness that you can carry into your daily life. Core Strength Calm Mind meditations develop courage and confidence, which give you the ability to work through problems and deal more effectively with challenges.

As your body and mind become more stable and integrated, you will develop mental calm and heightened intuition.

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2. Ajapa Japa, Breath and Mantra – Guided Yoga and Meditation Training

Ajapa Japa yoga and meditation integrates and illuminates body, mind, and spirit. It is a complete system for self-development and spiritual awareness within the Yoga-Tantra tradition.

In both human beings and the cosmos, there is a universal sound vibration that can be heard in the subtle breath. Ajapa Japa meditation enables you to tune into this sound vibration and to recognize the intrinsic connection between your individual self and the cosmos as a whole.

By aligning yourself with this great and powerful mystery, you synchronize your deepest self with the expansive cosmos. Your inner and outer worlds become one, and you experience the bliss of living an authentic, meaningful, and harmonious life.

Ajapa Japa is a very powerful yoga and meditation process that liberates the energy trapped in destructive and neurotic mental and emotional patterns – increasing well-being and inner peace.

To find out more about how to apply Ajapa Japa yoga and meditation for healing – go to the online course Ajapa Japa – Stage 1:  Healing the mind.

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3. Prana and Pranic Healing – Guided Yoga and Meditation Training

Prana is your vital energy, your life force. Knowing how to cultivate and balance prana is the basis of a more vibrant, creative life.

These yoga and meditation practices take you on a profound journey that reveals the connection between the breath, the life force, and the mind. You will learn how to use your breath to generate energy and to direct this energy for greater health and healing.

Pranic healing techniques remove blockages and clear stagnant energy from your body, mind, and emotions, which can otherwise prevent the natural flow of energy and lead to disease. Releasing these blockages makes you feel more balanced and invigorated. You build greater resilience and immunity.

Many people use this yoga and meditation technique to manage and alleviate chronic illness and physical challenges.

As you increase your energy and heal your body, you will be better able to cope with the stresses of everyday life. This, in turn, reduces the effects of aging and supports the management and healing of chronic illnesses.

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4. Purify, Strengthen, Awaken the Chakras – Guided Yoga and Meditation Training

The seven chakras are psychic energy centers that control every aspect of your individual being: physical, mental, and spiritual. Authentic chakra yoga and meditation techniques enable you to listen to your intuition and access your inner power, vitality, and self-knowledge.

Guided chakra meditations from Big Shakti provide an authentic experience of the chakras. You are guided by a soothing, peaceful voice to transform and expand your perception of who you are and how you experience yourself and the world.

Our training program includes guided chakra healing yoga and meditation practice toward:

  • Aligning, balancing, and cleansing the chakras
  • Healing blockages
  • Building energy, inner strength, and resilience
  • Awakening the third eye

By learning to feel, visualize, and listen to these energy centers and all the powerful elemental forces they contain, you awaken your inner power (shakti) and raise yourself to a higher level of consciousness.

The main purpose of this program is to practice chakra balancing and increase your self-awareness successfully. Self-awareness is the key to enhancing your physical and psychological health, which are actually side effects of these potent, transformative meditations. As you increase your self-awareness, you can intuit what you need to do to improve your life at all levels.

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5. Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire – Guided Yoga and Meditation Training

Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire is a journey into your heart’s desire. It is an enjoyable process of self-discovery that helps you to connect with what is truly most important, rewarding, and meaningful for you.

This guided meditation leads you into the rich landscape of your own desires and needs. The destination is your heart and spirit.

This rewarding meditation enables you to deal with conflicting desires. It helps you to distinguish the desires that can bring you true happiness from those that are fleeting and insubstantial. This meaningful process engages the chakras and the subconscious mind – leading to deep insight and clearing a path to higher wisdom.

As you discover your most important desires, you will learn how to channel energy that is typically diluted by conflicting desires into one meaningful, fulfilling desire. You will complete the meditation by creating a statement of intent (a sankalpa) that summarizes your one, true desire.

This unique, guided journey is an original meditation created by Big Shakti.

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Spiritual Benefits of Guided Yoga and Meditation

Many cultures have used guided yoga and meditation techniques over thousands of years as a method to merge the singular, individual self into the highest Self. The spiritual benefits of yoga and meditation accrue as a result of Self-knowledge, which results from an ongoing study, reflection, and meditation on the Self. This is not the little self of the personality but the higher Self, the highest consciousness, the source, and the essence. This Self, your true nature, is extremely powerful.

The great spiritual texts tell us that the Self shines with the light of a million suns. We do not experience ourselves in this way because our awareness is disconnected from our own essence. Instead, we identify with the ever-demanding and ultimately mortal body-mind; we are caught up in its biological imperatives and dictates.

The spiritual aim of meditation is to take your awareness back to identify with who you really are, the immortal and unchanging Self. The experience of identification with who you are informs you that you are at one with all other beings and that their happiness is your happiness.

Summing Up

There are many guided yoga and meditation techniques. Eventually, all lead to the ultimate aim of meditation which is self-awareness. This is a conscious state in which you become fully aware and present in each moment.

Guided yoga and meditation technique begins by teaching you to relax and introvert, to go inwards and remain awake and alert. Eventually, they lead to a state of blissful concentration.

Concentration transforms the structure of the mind in the same way that cream is transformed into butter by churning. Meditative practice churns the mind from its raw undisciplined state into a strong, dynamic, peaceful, integrated, and awakened state.

Your effort to attain the meditative state transforms your bodymind. This process results in positive states of health and well-being, both physical and psychological, as a side-effect of the process; the main aim of meditation is increased Self-awareness.

You aim to free yourself from biologically based awareness, and to shift your sense of self back into the subtle body, then into the causal body, and finally to realize your authentic Self.


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