Yoga Nidra Meditation

Meditation transforms your life in every way

Our guided meditations remove the negative effects of stress, create vitality, and calm, and strengthen and enlighten your mind.

Read Introduction to Yoga and Meditation below to learn which technique is right for you

What is meditation?

True meditation is a process where you come to know yourself and discover all the wonderful powers and abilities you possess.

Meditation enables you to create inner peace, gain control over your body and mind, and awaken higher consciousness.

As you progress on the path of meditation, you enter into your subconscious and unconscious mind, which contains powerful forces and energies that shape your life, including your instincts, feelings, behaviors, and desires. Certain meditation techniques enable you to harness the vast power of your unconscious. You can then direct this power for whatever purpose you desire.

Start your journey into meditation by learning how to relax, rest and recuperate, restore health and balance, and strengthen your mind. This is the springboard into more advanced practices of meditation. It is difficult to make any progress in meditation without first learning to relax.

Meditation transforms the mind from its raw undisciplined state, which is full of worries and anxieties, into a strong, dynamic, peaceful, integrated, and awakened state.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to be an effective way to treat and manage many chronic physical and mental conditions.

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What makes Big Shakti's Meditations different?

We teach a variety of meditation techniques, so you can choose the best approach for your personal needs and desires. Our meditations are derived from ancient yoga and modern psychological traditions. They include meditations for relaxation and stress reduction, meditations to create energyvitality and healing, and meditations for inner strength and emotional resilience.

You can also find unique meditations developed by us for awakening the chakras, manifesting desires and nurturing spiritual connection. These meditations are designed for busy people who don’t have hours to spare, but who still want to experience the many benefits of meditation.

Our effective and proven meditation techniques are used by Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati in his medical and yoga therapy practice to help manage mental and psychological problems, and to promote recovery from chronic disease.


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Introduction to Yoga and Meditation

True meditation is a process where you come to know yourself and discover all the wonderful powers and abilities you possess.

Meditation enables you to create inner peace, gain control over your body and mind, and awaken higher consciousness.

As you progress on the path of meditation, you enter into your subconscious mind, which contains powerful forces and energies that shape your life, including your instincts, feelings, behaviors, and desires. Certain meditation techniques enable you to harness the vast power of your subconscious. You can then direct this power for whatever purpose you desire.

Meditation transforms the mind from its raw undisciplined state, which is full of worries and anxieties, into a strong, dynamic, peaceful, integrated, and awakened state.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an English word that is used to describe any process of gaining greater self-awareness and self-knowledge. These include relaxation, directed attention, visualization, devotional contemplation, thinking, and planning. All of these techniques can improve your health and your life in every way. When you meditate, you aim to become more relaxed, fully aware, and present in each moment. Over time yoga and meditation techniques lead to improved physical and mental health and the awakening of higher consciousness. Over time you experience a powerful, joyful, and aware state that radically transforms your sense of who you are and your entire life. Listen to the podcast An Overview of Yoga and Meditation

Self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-mastery

Yoga and meditation techniques develop self-awareness and self-regulation. They feed into each other. The more self-aware, the more you can regulate. And the more you self-regulate, the more self-aware you become. These create a virtuous circle of increasing good health and overall well-being. When these two aspects are mastered, you can dive deeply into self-exploration, ultimately leading to the state of self-mastery.


The foundation concept in yoga-tantra is self-awareness. From the yoga-tantra point of view, cultivating self-awareness is the most important thing you can do in your life. Self-awareness arises when consciousness reflects onto itself; that is, you realize that you are conscious of being conscious. This is reflected awareness. For example, you think and know that you are thinking. Self-awareness is the ability to see yourself objectively and to realize that you are more than your behaviors, attitudes, opinions, and emotions and that there is something greater in you that is eternal, unchanging, and blissful. The best technique to develop self-awareness, which is also called witnessing, and mindfulness is Inner Silence, also called Antar Mouna. Listen to the podcast The Importance of Self-awareness – the witness protection program.


Self-regulation is the ability to influence your body and mind’s activities and responses and consciously affect how you feel. We will describe the techniques for self-regulation later in this article. Self-regulation techniques include the use of relaxation, breath awareness, grounding, centering, mantras, concentration on an image, and much more. They are used for stress management and for the reduction of anxiety or pain, for healing, to manage an overactive e mind, and to develop greater mental and emotional strength and resilience. Self-regulation allows you to consciously alter your feelings, for example, during stressful situations. If you are anxious or tense, you can use relaxation to slow your breath and turn on the parasympathetic nervous system. If you have digestive problems, you can use specific relaxation meditations that focus on the belly to improve your digestion. This is because digestion is adversely affected by stress and improved by relaxation.

Self-Exploration and Self-Mastery

Once you have learned self-regulation and your mind and emotions are under your control, you can apply yoga and meditation techniques to self-reflect and study your body-mind. You can direct your attention to various parts of your body and mind in a relaxed way and, using self-awareness, recognize if that part is healthy or unhealthy and if it needs to be optimized. They allow you to get in touch with your feelings. You can use these techniques to balance and strengthen the body and mind. You also discover the wonders that lie within you and can realize your potential. Over time you develop a more mature and healthy relationship with yourself and your ability to self regulate Yoga and meditation techniques guide you to discover and explore often unconscious parts of you. Expanding awareness through meditation supports the development of a healthy ego, which can create meaningful relationships with life.

Self-Liberation or Self-Transcendence

Yoga and meditation techniques can be applied to the pursuit of higher consciousness and spiritual realization. In this process, you aim to discover the true nature behind your individual personality and to intuit where you have come from and where you are going after death. Meditation at this level is a process of exploring life (and death) in all its forms: individual existence, universal existence, as well as the transcendent aspects of being that lie beyond time and space. Meditation is a process of awakening and developing higher consciousness, and this is available to everyone.

Meditation Technique and Stages of Development

Yoga and meditation techniques can be divided into two main forms:
  • Consistent daily practice in a formal setting – You can use these to train your body and mind and to upskill. This can be performed alone or in a group setting.
  • The application of meditation in daily life – The skills developed during formal practice can be applied during any activity, any place, and at any time.
By learning a technique and then applying it in your life, you develop a relaxed and calm mind, inner strength and confidence, and higher awareness at all times and under all circumstances.

So which self-regulation techniques do you choose?

We can divide yoga and meditation techniques into several sections which you can read below:
  1. Relaxation meditation
  2. Yoga Nidra meditation
  3. Healing meditations
  4. Meditations to reduce anxiety and build emotional resilience
  5. Meditations to know your life purpose
  6. Meditations to awaken the subtle body and to spiritualize

Relaxation Meditation

Relaxation is the foundation for all meditation techniques. The ability to relax is a prerequisite for more advanced yoga and techniques. You cannot proceed on the path if you are not attending to any deep-seated, built-up stresses and tensions. The main problem is that most people who are stressed are also physically and mentally exhausted and tend to fall asleep in meditation. This defeats the purpose. The most useful and effective deep relaxation meditation techniques teach you how to remain relaxed under all conditions to become a more relaxed person. The 3 Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation guided yoga and meditation program will teach you how to recognize where and when stress builds up in your body and how to remove it. You will become a more relaxed person. You will learn how to relax, rest deeply, recharge, and rejuvenate yourself. You will also learn how to prevent stress and exhaustion from building up again. Buy the Three Easy Steps to Deep Relaxation guided yoga and meditation now. If you want to take a deep dive into relaxation and understand what it is all about, then click on the link to this yoga and meditation course Relaxation Meditation – Relax, De-Stress, Recuperate. Listen to Big Shakti’s Light on Yoga and Meditation Podcast episode Relaxation Meditation Read the following blog posts on Relaxation.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra Meditation is one of the most powerful relaxation meditation techniques to attain deep rest and rejuvenation. It progressively relaxes you, soothing mental and emotional disturbances by relaxing the various layers of your being, from the gross physical to the subtlest parts of your psyche. It releases long-term, built-up stresses, mental anguish, and chronic exhaustion. Yoga Nidra meditation is the perfect practice for helping you to feel and experience the mind-body connection. The basic form of this technique touches every part of the body with the mind and awareness, thereby infusing that part with awareness and energy.  It may seem like a simple exercise, but it requires a level of focus to remain awake and alert so as to complete the whole practice. Buy the Yoga Nidra Meditation now. Listen to Big Shakti’s Light on Yoga and Meditation Podcast episode Yoga Nidra Meditation – It gives you free access to the first track on the Yoga Nidra MP3 series. Read the following blog posts on Yoga Nidra.

Healing Meditations

One of the most powerful ways to use meditation techniques for healing uses the breath to connect with prana. These pranic healing meditations progressively teach you how to use the breath and the life force, your prana, to facilitate healing. Pranic healing techniques teach you how to:
  1. Locate areas of the body that are affected by ill health. These areas may be lacking in life force, blocked, or toxic.
  2. Apply the breath and energy to influence that part into less stagnation and more flow. You can clear any blockages and increase energy and vitality for healing.
  3. Over time, you will Increase vitality, health, and well-being.
These techniques need to be practiced in combination with proper medical advice. Buy Prana and Pranic Healing Meditations now. Read the following blog posts on Prana. 

Meditations for Anxiety and Building Resilience

This series of techniques teach you how to ground yourself to remain strong and stable under all circumstances. You do this by aligning yourself with your strengths and then pulsating energy between two points. When you become anxious or overwhelmed with emotions, you will become ungrounded. It is easy to become caught up in your head, ruminating, and entangled in disturbing feelings and emotions. These techniques enable you to ground yourself, take your attention out of the rumination, worry, and anxiety, and develop inner stability and strength. They develop a sense of being more embodied and able to stay present in a situation, even if that situation is difficult and they might wish to run away from it. They help you work through problems and learn how to better deal with life’s difficulties. Buy Reduce Anxiety Increase Calm guided yoga and meditations now.

Meditations to Know Your Life Purpose

It is important to have a purpose in life. Otherwise, you have no direction or meaning in your life. Lack of purpose and meaning is one of the greatest causes of unhappiness and depression. It is also important to have a purpose when you meditate, use yoga and meditation techniques effectively and efficiently, achieve your goals, and feel that you are progressing. The Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire techniques teach you to find your heart’s desire and life’s purpose in five easy stages:
  1. Firstly, you tune into your innermost desires and contemplate if achieving these desires will bring you true happiness.
  2. Next, feel how these desires are linked to the chakras, psychic centers that control the body and mind. Each chakra governs a class of desires. Embodying your desires takes them out of your heads.
  3. Notice how different desires arise from different chakras and see if they are in conflict or harmony with each other.
  4. Then observe if your desires align with your outer circumstances and contemplate if your outer life lacking in some way.
  5. Lastly, you contemplate what you need to do to achieve your goals
If you want to take a deep dive into Life Purpose, then please go to our Life Purpose yoga and meditation course. Buy the Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire Yoga and Meditation training series  

Meditations to Awaken and Strengthen Your Spiritual Core

One of the most effective meditation practices to connect with your higher self is called Ajapa Japa meditation, which uses the breath and a mantra to awaken spiritual energy. It is a practice that moves energy between various psychic centers called chakras to animate your inner being. Today, many people suffer from feelings of isolation and alienation from themselves, leading to anxiety and depression. In fact, you are cut off from yourself; you are cut off from life. At the heart of this feeling is a lack of awareness of your own nature and spiritual core. Who are you when the social aspect of your life is stripped away? This meditation helps you to tap into your life force and channel this energy toward a higher, more liberated state of being. Ajapa Japa is a complete spiritual practice that can take you to the highest stages of meditation. This one technique is a complete system Ajapa Japa is an active meditation technique. You chant a soothing sound (mantra) while breathing into the psychic passages of the body. for individual self-development and transcendental experience. It promotes physical health, mental and emotional stability, and spiritual enlightenment. It is especially useful for healing mental illness. If you want to know more about this aspect of Ajapa Japa, please click on this link to the Healing the Mind Meditation Course – Ajapa Japa Stage 1. Read more  

Meditations for Higher Awareness, Chakras, and Kundalini

Higher meditation practices work with the subtle structures of the body and mind, such as the chakras. The chakras are the controlling psychic centers of your being, psychic or subtle energy centers located in the spine at a very subtle level. The Purify, Strengthen, Awaken the Chakras – Guided Training meditations are concentration techniques (dharana) that focus your awareness onto the chakras. You awaken higher consciousness by learning to feel, visualize, and regulate the chakras. Chakra meditations can be applied to the pursuit of higher consciousness and spiritual realization. Meditations on the chakras allow you to become aware of the subtle aspects of your existence, the non-physical, psychic, and intuitive elements that connect each of us at an interpersonal level and to the universe as a whole. Higher meditation practices help you to break the isolation of the individual self and to feel that you are part of a cosmic whole. In this higher level of perception, you start to know yourself as a cosmic entity and to feel your place in the world. In this process, you aim to discover your true nature behind the individual personality, intuit where you came from, and where you are going after death. Read more


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