Illuminating Your Heart's Desire – Guided Training

Journey through your desires to discover the most important one.

4 meditations, 80 minutes



Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire is a journey into your heart’s desire. It is an enjoyable process of self-discovery that helps you to connect with what is truly most important, rewarding and meaningful for you.

This guided meditation leads you into the rich landscape of your own desires and needs. The destination is your heart and spirit.

This rewarding meditation enables you to deal with conflicting desires. It helps you to distinguish the desires that can bring you true happiness from those that are fleeting and insubstantial. This meaningful process engages the chakras and the subconscious mind – leading to deep insight and clearing a path to higher wisdom.

As you discover your most important desires, you will learn how to channel energy that is typically diluted by conflicting desires into one meaningful, fulfilling desire. You will complete the meditation by creating a statement of intent (a sankalpa) that summarizes your one, true desire.

This unique, guided journey is an original meditation created by Big Shakti.


01 Talk on Desire

02 Witnessing Desires

03 Desires and the Chakras

04 Your Heart’s Desire

Publisher Info

Title: Illuminating Your Heart’s Desire

Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Content: Introductory Talk and Guided Meditations

Media: Mp3 

Duration: 80 minutes

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Track 1. Talk on Desire


Track 3. Desires and the Chakras


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