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Heal your body, mind and spirit

Achieve holistic health with guided meditations and online courses

Big Shakti offers expert resources and products to help you achieve optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Established in 2004 by Jayne Stevenson and Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati, we are committed to supporting your wellbeing at every level – whether you’re just beginning a journey of self-care, or you’re an experienced yoga teacher or holistic health practitioner.

What is shakti?

Big Shakti is based on the Sanskrit term, Maha ShaktiMaha means great, and Shakti means creative power. Shakti is your life force, your glow, your feeling of wellbeing and your verve for life. The more shakti you have, the better you feel. All of our products increase physical, mental and spiritual shakti.

Our philosophy

Ancient cultures offer some of the most insightful and illuminating explorations of the human condition. Yoga and meditation can ease pain and suffering of every kind, including physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual distress.

Our carefully crafted products incorporate higher yoga, meditation, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and psychotherapy to create a potent system of healing and self-development for your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

We have been blessed to study with great teachers and masters who gave us access to ancient authentic, life-changing knowledge and wisdom. We have spent our lives translating this knowledge into meaningful forms that you can use to improve your health and enhance your life.

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Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati is a western medical doctor, Yoga Acharya (authority), Yoga Therapist, psychotherapist, author, and teacher.

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Jayne Stevenson, Cofounder and Director of Big Shakti is a counselor, dreamworker and writer with a passion for healing and spirituality.

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Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means ‘union’ or ‘connection.’ Some forms of yoga are more physical, while others aim to develop the mind and spirit, and are typically more meditation-based. We teach a variety of these forms, which can help you to feel calm, strong, aware and more fully connected to yourself and your life.


Meditation is an English word that means a practice by which we achieve conscious connection. When you connect deeply to your body and mind through meditation, you will experience better health, inner peace, and spiritual awakening. There are many different meditation techniques: relaxation meditation, prāna meditations to increase energy, mantra meditation to calm the mind, breathing meditation to develop emotional resilience, and chakra meditations for spiritual awakening. These are just a few of the forms that we teach at Big Shakti.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a science of health management and a way to continuously improve your health. Yoga therapy is the application of yoga and meditation to the treatment of chronic physical and psychological conditions. Yoga therapy is often combined with other healing practices to increase their effectiveness. For example, when yoga therapy is used with high blood pressure medications, many people find that they achieve the same results with smaller doses of the drug – and experience fewer side effects. In many cases, under the supervision of qualified health professionals, people can eventually stop using medications and rely on yoga therapy alone to maintain good health.


The science of Ayurveda explores how our environment, diet, habits, and activities affect our innate constitution (body type). Ayurveda provides potent remedies to restore balance and build health by implementing appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes, and by using natural medicinal herbs. Combining Ayurveda with yoga therapy and psychotherapy is a potent path to self-healing and self-transformation.


Psychotherapy teaches strategies and provides tools to deal with stress and unhealthy patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour. Psychotherapy supports us managing parts of us that are underdeveloped, underregulated and underintegrated. It promotes self-awareness, heart-connected relationships, and the development of a healthy body and mind.

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