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Online Courses blend the best of Eastern and Western philosophy and psychology, both theory and meditation practice

Educate and empower yourself for optimal health and enlightenment

Take your self-knowledge and meditation practice to a whole new level. Our Online Courses blend yoga, meditation, Eastern philosophy, and Western psychology into a unique method of healing and self-development.


  • Big Shakti provides worldwide access to the kind of knowledge, which is historically only available in a personal relationship with a master teacher. The programs are deeply enriching, and the energy generated by going “live” with Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati, Jayne Stevenson and an international group of seekers is amazing. At the same time, it always feels personal, and Big Shakti is quick to respond to any question or concern. The study programs have been of immense value in my practice.

  • Heartfelt gratitude to both of you, I have been longing for this deep connection to teachings that can only be transmitted by the Teacher. I understand that there are many subtle levels of communication you are conveying to us through your expertly crafted courses. The meditations are helping me stay centered and present. My sense of self-awareness is heightened and I am able to witness my thoughts, actions and emotions throughout the day.

  • Big Shakti’s teachings communicate and flow with clarity and wisdom, and so often build bridges of insight into my life and inner world. Through the study of their education programs, deeper layers of understanding and joy have come into being in my life. This knowledge helps bring to life and living, the spirit of yoga and tantra.


Yoga and meditation are practical aspects of Indian philosophy, which is a vast ocean of concepts, practices, and techniques.

By studying with Big Shakti, you gain access to essential concepts and techniques, opening the door to enlightened living.

We have created our courses to share the joy and immense benefits of learning yoga and meditation techniques. The courses are highly relevant to contemporary living. We know you want deep and meaningful knowledge, but we're all too busy to spend endless hours studying and choosing the most effective techniques.

Big Shakti's courses are accessible and flexible. You will experience benefits from the first lesson, and these benefits will continue to build as you progress through the course. The courses nourish, heal and enlighten your body, mind, and spirit. Can a body be enlightened? Yes, it can.


Yoga Teachers Accreditation

Big Shakti's courses are recognized by the Yoga Alliance (USA) as Continuing Education (contact hours), Satyananda Yoga Academy, and SYTA (Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association) for Continuing Professional Development.


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Our mission is to educate, support, and inspire

Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati is a Yoga Acharya (master yogi, teacher of teachers), medical doctor, psychotherapist, and yoga therapist. He has taught thousands of students for over 45 years.

Jayne Stevenson is an expert practitioner of Daoist and yoga meditation. This has cultivated her intuition and given her deep insight into creativity, dreams, and the unconscious mind. She uses this insight to help people find purpose meaning.