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Which yoga and meditation course is right for you? 
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Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati is a Yoga Acharya (master yogi, teacher of teachers), medical doctor, psychotherapist, and yoga therapist. He has taught thousands of students for over 45 years.

Jayne Stevenson is an expert practitioner of Daoist and yoga meditation. This has cultivated her intuition and given her deep insight into creativity, dreams, and the unconscious mind. She uses this insight to help people find purpose meaning.

Which Yoga and Meditation Course is Right For You?

Yoga and meditation are practical aspects of Indian philosophy, which is a vast ocean of concepts, practices, and techniques designed to create better physical and mental health and the evolution of your consciousness. By studying with Big Shakti, you gain access to essential concepts and techniques that open the door to enlightened living.

What is the difference between yoga and meditation?

Meditation is an exalted, joyful, and powerful state of being. The yogic meditative state arises from any process or technique that cultivates Self-awareness and Self-knowledge. Yogic meditations combine the best of yoga and meditation.

The word yoga is a Sanskrit word that means connection. The word meditation is an English word that also means connection, the connection between the meditator with the object of meditation. 

Yoga and meditation are synonyms. They are the same thing. In fact, any stretching postures performed without self-awareness is not really yoga. The aim of meditation is self-awareness, and it is from self-awareness that all the other benefits arise, such as physical and mental health.

How many types of meditation are there?

Meditation has many aspects, including relaxation, mindfulness, concentration, visualization, and the repetition of mantras. Depending on your needs and inclinations, there are many yoga and meditation techniques that enable you to develop these skills. We have constructed a yoga and meditation course for each of these aspects of meditation.

Which types of yoga and meditation courses does Big Shakti offer?

Big Shakti provides multiple courses that enable students to delve deeply within themselves to gain a calm, clear mind, emotional resilience, and spiritual evolution. Each yoga and meditation course combines scientific, psychological, and philosophical approaches to optimize health and, ultimately, attain self-realization.

Each yoga and meditation course that we teach aims to support you in becoming more self-aware so that you know what is right for you. There are so many different forms of meditation that enable you to live healthier, stress-free, happier, and more fulfilled lives. So how do you choose?

Our courses are divided into Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Foundation courses are for those who are new to yoga and meditation or want to revise essential foundational theory and skills.

Intermediate Training is for you if you have some yoga or meditation experience and want to progress deeper into meditation, upgrade your skills, and see what is possible on the yoga and meditation path.

Advanced Training is for you if you are an experienced yoga and meditation practitioner, teacher, and/or health professional and want to explore the depths of Indian philosophy, psychology, and advanced meditation practices.

Free yoga and meditation course

Ujjayi pranayama is an important yoga breathing technique that is used in many forms of meditation. Ujjayi pranayama is also called the yoga breath, throat breathing, psychic breath, and prolonged, diaphragmatic breathing. It allows you to take your awareness deep into your unconscious mind while you remain awake and aware. Ujjayi Pranayama – Feel the Power of the Yoga Breath.

Foundation yoga and meditation course

We offer one foundation course.

Relaxation Meditation – Relax, De-Stress, Recuperate is a great place to start your yoga and meditation journey. It is also great for yoga teachers who wish to understand what relaxation is, how it works, how to reduce excess stress, how to enjoy positive stress, and how to rapidly implement this most important foundation of well-being into your life.

Intermediate yoga and meditation courses

We offer four intermediate courses.

1. Awaken Your Third Eye of Intuition

The Awaken Your Third Eye Of Intuition yoga and meditation course is a great place to start your intermediate training. The third eye, ajna chakra, is both a physical location at the center of the head and a state of consciousness that awakens when the mind is harmonized and linked to higher consciousness. The third eye is the meeting point between the body, mind, and consciousness. The third eye is also known as the “command center” because when activated, the voice of higher consciousness, your inner guide, can be heard. In yoga psychology, the ajna chakra is the first and most important chakra to develop because it governs the mind. This yoga and meditation course combines breathing and mantras that enable you to have a calm mind for improved mental focus and concentration and to awaken your intuition. It teaches you how to awaken your third eye so that you can make better decisions and feel more connected to the higher mind and your highest Self.

2. Healing the Mind Meditation Course – Ajapa Japa Stage 1

Probably our most popular and important yoga and meditation course is Healing the Mind Meditation Course – Ajapa Japa Stage 1, which uses an ancient yoga meditation that enables you to better manage mental illness and achieve inner peace and stability. This yoga meditation uses long, slow, deep breaths combined with a mantra and visualization.

3. Essence of Enlightenment

The Essence of Enlightenment course enables you to discover the eternally unchanging, immortal Self. This course will teach you that the secret to overcoming worry, rumination, anxiety, emotional trauma, and depression is to develop a strong conscious sense of self that can remain stable while observing the mind. You will learn how to disentangle yourself from your mental contents so that you no longer identify with anxious thoughts and re-identify with yourself as a conscious witness whose nature is peace, silence, and bliss.

4. Find Life Purpose

The Find Life Purpose course will enable you to unravel the mystery of your life purpose. You will learn how life purpose is the central organizing principle of your life. Knowing one’s life purpose isn’t only for a chosen few. Every person on the planet has a life purpose. Knowing it is a blessing. Living it brings meaning and fulfillment to every part of your life. Your life purpose often remains hidden because of inner conflict between the many desires and responsibilities you have regarding family, work, career, your passions, your social life, and so on. The theory, meditation practices, and integration exercises in this course take you on a practical and intuitive journey into your life purpose. Lesson by lesson, you will come closer to your most important desires, culminating in your heart’s desire—your life purpose.

Advanced yoga and meditation courses

We offer three advanced yoga and meditation courses.

1. Yoga Tantra Advanced Masterclass – Philosophy

The Yoga Tantra Advanced Masterclass – Philosophy is the first in our advanced series of masterclasses. It is designed to deepen and upgrade your understanding of the philosophies and techniques from Yoga, Tantra, Sāmkhya, and Vedanta and to practice meditations and techniques derived from these philosophies.

2. Yoga Tantra Advanced Masterclass –Chakras, Mantras, Yantras

The Yoga Tantra Advanced Masterclass – Chakras, Mantras, Yantras course is the second in the series and is designed to support intermediate and advanced students of yoga, tantra, and meditation going even deeper into meditation experience. It is designed to enable spiritual seekers and those interested in Indian philosophy and psychology to penetrate deeper into the unconscious areas of their being and to access authentic inner experience. The whole aim of this study is the unification of the conscious and unconscious parts of us.

3. Light on the Chakras and Kundalini

In Light on the Chakras and Kundalini course, you will learn theory and meditation techniques that empower authentic chakra and kundalini awakening. The chakras are the psychic centers in the spine that control every part of your body, mind, and spirit. Kundalini is primordial cosmic energy stored in the base chakra, mooladhara, which is the primary source of power for all the chakras. This is our most advanced and complete training program. You are personally guided through this course by yoga masters (yoga acharyas), Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson. You do not need to do the Yoga Tantra Advanced Masterclass series to do this course.

Yoga Psychology courses

We offer two Yoga Psychology courses.

1. Introduction to Yoga Psychology and Yoga Psychotherapy

The Introduction to Yoga Psychology and Yoga Psychotherapy course is the first in Big Shakti’s Yoga Psychology series. Yoga psychology is the science of the embodied relationship between consciousness and mind. Yoga psychology describes how the idealized healthy body and mind function and how imbalances can occur, leading to pathology. Yoga psychotherapy shows us how to restore balance, enlighten the mind and find lasting purpose and meaning. Yoga psychotherapy plays a vital role in the successful treatment and management of physical, psychological, and spiritual conditions. When combined with Western psychotherapeutic approaches, it creates a powerful holistic approach to long-term healing and spiritual awakening. Yoga psychotherapy views illness as a sacred path to higher awareness.  We can gain this perspective if we have the appropriate knowledge, techniques, and support. Yoga psychology and psychotherapy are based on the cultivation of self-awareness and knowledge of the “subtle body,” the part of us that lies sandwiched between the physical body and the spiritual or causal body, the subtlest part of us.

2. Facing the Shadow – From Darkness to Light

The Facing the Shadow – From Darkness to Light course is the second in Big Shakti’s Yoga Psychology series. It explores the spiritual journey from darkness to light and from limited consciousness to blazing self-awareness. These recorded seminars reveal and examine the psychological shadow from both Western Psychology and from the Yoga Psychology perspective. You will learn about the force that separates you from wholeness and how the shadow, which is your own unconscious, operates in the world, in society, and in relationships. You learn about the shadow from both Eastern and Western perspectives and in relation to ego and identity. This a unique study of Big Shakti.

Train with masters of yoga and meditation

Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswatī is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, and yoga master (yoga acharya)

Jayne Stevenson is a psychotherapist, counsellor, dream worker, who studied with a 

Unwind, take a break from your daily activities, and learn how to use the effective tool of meditation to achieve inner tranquillity, happiness, and fulfillment. Under the guidance of experienced meditation masters, our yoga and meditation courses will help you learn the keys to a healthy lifestyle and have a calm, clear mind, emotional resilience, and spiritual insight.

All of our courses are ideal for yoga instructors, sincere aspirants, therapists, and other medical professionals. They offer an opportunity to understand the powers and mysteries of your mind. 

We have created our courses to share the joy and immense benefits of learning yoga and meditation techniques. The courses are highly relevant to contemporary living. We know you want deep and meaningful knowledge, but we’re all too busy to spend endless hours studying and choosing the most effective techniques.

Big Shakti’s courses are accessible and flexible. You will experience benefits from the first lesson, and these benefits will continue to build as you progress through the course. The courses nourish, heal and enlighten your body, mind, and spirit. Can a body be enlightened? Yes, it can.

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Big Shakti’s courses are recognized by the Yoga Alliance (USA) as Continuing Education (contact hours), Yoga Australia, Satyananda Yoga Academy, and SYTA (Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association) for Continuing Professional Development.



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