Reduce Anxiety Increase Calm – Guided Training

Become grounded, confident, and stable.

6 Meditations, 120 minutes



These guided yoga and meditation techniques enable you to manage stress and face difficulties with greater confidence and resilience – to develop a more accepting, courageous spirit

They strengthen your deep energetic, psychological, and emotional core, building true core strength and, as a result, a strong, calm mind.

These techniques empower you to feel more grounded, present, and resilient in all situations, including those you enjoy and those you want to avoid.

You’ll build energy, inner strength and stability, and a calmness that you can carry into your daily life. You will develop courage and confidence, which give you the ability to work through problems and deal more effectively with challenges.

As your body and mind become more stable and integrated, you will develop mental calm and heightened intuition.

Take an enjoyable journey towards self-mastery.

We all want to avoid stress. However, stress is part of life. We need inner strength and resilience to meet all of life’s challenges.

In this guided yoga and meditation training program, you will learn powerful meditations that integrate your head (intellect), heart (feeling), and belly (instinct).

You will achieve a more grounded and centered state under all circumstances.


01 Talk on Core Strength Calm Mind

02 Ujjayi

03 Develop Inner Strength

04 Connect Inner Strength with Heart

05 Energize Head, Heart & Belly

06 Ignite the 3 Flames of Awareness

Publisher Info

Title: Core Strength Calm Mind Meditations

Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Publisher: Big Shakti

Content: Introductory Talk and Guided Meditation Techniques

Media: MP3

Duration: 2 hours

Grounding, alignment, pulsation

The techniques in this series teach you how to ground yourself, align with your strengths, and pulsate energy to build core strength. We call this process grounding, alignment, and pulsation.

Grounding creates stability; alignment connects body, mind, and heart; pulsation revitalizes our energy and creates confidence. The combined meditations awaken higher consciousness.

With these skills, you connect with your deepest creative Self and face the difficulties of life with an accepting and courageous spirit.

  • Discover your inner strength.
  • Develop conscious control of your breath.
  • Release tensions and blocked energy.
  • Manage negative feelings and build positive feelings.
  • Aid the healing of chronic physical and psychological conditions.
  • Remain present, calm, and focused at all times.
  • Face difficulties with stability and confidence.
  • Enjoy a more relational and creative life.

Track guide:

Track 1. Talk on Core Strength, Calm Mind

To face life, we need a resilient inner core that can handle the difficulties and stresses of life. We need courage, flexibility, awareness, and responsiveness. You develop these skills through grounding, alignment, and pulsation meditations that utilize the internal muscles called diaphragms.

Track 2. Psychic Breath – Ujjayi

Ujjayi is a controlled yogic breathing technique that is also called throat, psychic or conscious breathing. Ujjayi is practiced by subtly tensing the throat in order to make an extremely soft sound, like the wind in a pipe. This breath carries awareness to the more subtle layers of the being. Ujjayi is used to manipulate prana.

Track 3. Develop Inner Strength – Grounding

This meditation uses various muscles of the belly to gain conscious control over energy and grounding. The first part of this meditation generates vitality and a sense of power. You then learn to generate a feeling of security and stability. This foundation practice removes tension and blockages in the body-mind.

Track 4. Connect Inner Strength with Heart – Alignment

Having developed inner strength and stability, we now align power with the heart. The aim is to generate and feel both strength and compassion at the same time. By combining the breath with dynamic visualizations, you balance strength and compassion.

Track 5. Energize and Purify Head, Heart, and Belly – Pulsation

This practice focuses on the three diaphragms of the body, the respiratory, pelvic, and cranial diaphragms. Meditation on the cranial diaphragm at the back of the head releases feelings of excessive responsibility, burden, and worry.

Track 6. Ignite the 3 Flames of Awareness – Integration

You now learn to generate a wave of pulsation at the head, heart, and belly simultaneously. You link this pulsating energy with the image of a flame at three levels. The flame in the head empowers clarity of thought and intuition. The flame in the heart generates love and compassion. The flame in the belly generates power and vitality. Holding the three flames in our awareness unleashes our creative power and inspires and empowers you to achieve something greater in your life.

Practice hints:

  • Ideally, practice at the same time every day.
  • Practice before breakfast for calmness and heightened focus.
  • Practice before sleep for deep, restful sleep.
  • Can be applied to any situation for greater awareness and grounded interaction.
  • Especially beneficial in stressful situations to calm the mind and stabilize emotions.
  • Forms the basis of higher meditation and self-development practice.

Track 1. Talk on Core Strength Calm Mind


Track 3. Develop Inner Strength


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