Ujjayi Pranayama – Feel the Power of the Yoga Breath

Increase self-awareness and self-regulation.

1 Lesson, 3 Topics, 1 Meditation




Would you like to learn a yoga breathing technique that can change your life, that enables you to:

  1. Relax instantly, anytime and anywhere
  2. Stop thinking
  3. Calm your emotions
  4. Ground and center yourself
  5. Prevent overwhelm
  6. Become more present, aware and mindful
  7. Enter into deep states of meditation
  8. Set the foundation for psychological growth, strength and illumination
  9. Tune into your vital life force, your prana, for self-healing

Then ujjayi pranayama is the yoga technique for you.

It is also the doorway into many other wonderful yoga tantra meditation practices that can radically improve your life.

Ujjayi Pranayama – Yoga Breath or Psychic Breath

Ujjayi pranayama is an important yoga breathing technique that is used in many forms of meditation. Ujjayi pranayama is also called the yoga breath, throat breathing, psychic breath, and prolonged, diaphragmatic breathing.

The psychic breath takes your awareness into your unconscious mind while you remain awake and aware.

The yoga breath enables connection with your spirit and essence.


Ujjayi pranayama, or the yoga breath, is a foundation technique in most of Big Shakti courses and meditations for the following reasons:

Course Overview

A short lesson on how to perform one of the most important yoga breathing techniques (pranayama)

Course Components

1 Lesson
3 Topics
1 x Guided Meditation

Publisher Info

Title: Ujjayi Pranayama – Yoga breath, throat breath, psychic breath 

Authors: Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati & Jayne Stevenson

Publisher: Big Shakti

Media: Online Course and Recordings[templatera id=”8623″]

Yoga breath


Ujjayi has both positive benefits for your physical and psychological health.  More importantly from the point of view of the chakras, this yoga breath enables you to take your awareness deep within the subtle dimensions of your being, deep into your psyche so that you can experience the subtler layers of your being and feel your chakras resonating in your spinal cord.

It is important to understand that Ujjayi enables you to remain conscious as you dive into your psyche, into your subtle body. Most people fall asleep when they close their eyes and attempt to go deep within themselves. Ujjayi breathing overcomes this habit. It also supports the awakening of prana and the systematic purification of the chakras.

Once you get the hang of it, ujjayī seems to be very easy, natural and effortless. It is an incredibly valuable tool that you can use to better manage stress and develop a healthy body and mind. Use it any time you feel stressed, ungrounded or anxious, for example.

Because ujjayī is diaphragmatic breathing that connects the belly and the throat, it has a positive effect on both manipūra, the chakra that controls digestion and vitality, and vishuddhi chakra, which controls the thyroid gland and your metabolism. Please note that all meditation practices activate ājnā chakra, the third eye.

5 important practice hints to master ujjayī pranayama – the yoga breath

  1. Ujjayi is practiced by gently tensing the throat in order to make a very soft sound, like the wind in a pipe, or a baby snoring.
  2. The aim is to make your breath as long, slow, smooth, relaxed and comfortable as possible.
  3. Once you can perform ujjayī there should be no strain of any kind. You will find that you are able to perform ujjayī for 30 minutes without effort.
  4. It is important to initially develop your ability to gently contract your throat while inhaling and exhaling. You can then develop fine control of your diaphragm.
  5. Initially practice ujjayī for a few minutes and then sit quietly for a moment. Then repeat this a few times, relaxing fully between each round. Extend the duration of ujjayī gradually as feels comfortable.

Expert guidance and training

Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson created this free course to enable students to gain access to this most important yogic technique. Ujjayi pranayama is a central technique within many of the courses offered by Big Shakti

Dr Swami Shankardev is a master of yoga and meditation (Yoga Acharya) and a medical doctor.

Jayne Stevenson is a dream worker, mystic, and highly intuitive counsellor, trained in Daoist and yogic meditation and philosophy.

Course benefits

In daily life, use Ujjayi to:
  • quickly relax
  • ground yourself
  • increase physical energy 
  • calm an over-anxious mind
In meditation, use Ujjayi to:
  • stay awake, alert, and focused 
  • internalize your awareness for self-exploration
  • open the psychic channels
  • deepen your experience of the technique.

Who is the Course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn to use the breath to become more self-aware and able to self-regulate under all circumstances.


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