Light on the Chakras and Kundalini – coming in 2024

9-month course, March to Dec 2024

20 x 2-hour Lessons, 10 Live Classes (recorded for later viewing), Meditations, Theory Presentation, Q&A


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Review the Schedule Options for live classes prior to purchase. For payment plan and scholarships, please contact us.

Study Components

20 Lessons Plus 10 Live Classes
Theory and Guided Meditations
Group Meditation, Q&A (Satsang)

Online Class Schedule Options (Recorded for later viewing)

Schedule A – Live Classes
7.00 pm Sundays (Sydney time zone) Check time in your city
3rd March, 31s
t March, 28th April, 26th May, 23rd June, 21st July, 18th August, (15th September or 13th October), 10th November, 8th December

Schedule B – Live Classes
9.00 am Mondays (Sydney time zone) Check time in your city
4th March, 1st April,
 29th April, 27th May, 24th June, 22nd July, 19th August, (16th September or 14th October), 11th November, 9th December

CPD – Earn 55 contact hrs with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Australia, & SYTA 

Authentic Chakra and Kundalini Awakening Course

The yoga and meditation course starts on Sunday 3rd March 2024 when you will have access to the first lesson. Each month you will receive 2 lessons and one live online class (recorded for later access). Lessons are released every 2 weeks. Each online class follows the 2 lessons and includes theory, satsang (discussion), and group meditation practice.

The chakras are the psychic centers in the spine that control every part of your body, mind, and spirit. Kundalini is primordial cosmic energy stored in the base chakra, muladhara, which is the primary source of power for all the chakras.

In this course, you will learn theory and meditation techniques that empower authentic chakra and kundalini awakening.

The aim of this course is the awakening of powerful psychic and spiritual energy that uplifts your consciousness and increases your self-awareness. You will expand self-awareness and, at the same time, develop a strong, stable mind that can handle the powerful energies within the psyche and the activation of kundalinī.

A side effect of this study, when followed systematically, is improved mental health and emotional resilience.

You will learn specific techniques to cultivate mental health and emotional resilience and understand how these techniques are applied in yoga therapy and psychotherapy.

chakras and kundalini shakti
Chakras and kundalini shakti

You will learn how to turn your attention inwards, away from excessive involvement in gross worldly consciousness, and tune into the chakras to purify and strengthen the energy within each chakra. Finally, you will liberate that energy to awaken higher consciousness.

Study the Chakras

The lessons and classes in this course form a structured sequence that enables a grounded and authentic realization of the chakras.

You will follow a prescribed system that takes you from the basics that ensure a solid preparation to advanced theory and practice that unlock the secrets within each chakra. This enables understanding, experience, and integration of the complete chakra system and kundalini activation.

Each lesson introduces a new concept which deepens concepts from previous lessons. Each lesson introduces a new meditation technique that builds on the techniques from previous lessons.

A Potent Learning Structure

We have structured the course into three sections. Each section focuses on the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the chakras.

Third eye, Ajna chakra, the highest of the six main chakras

Section 1. Develop a thorough understanding of the yoga-tantra philosophy that describes the chakras. Yoga tantra provides you with the keys to unlock the mysteries of the chakras. This section focuses on ajna chakra, which awakens the knowledge and intuition required to journey into the powerful forces of the psyche contained within each of the chakras, especially the lower chakras, which are more difficult to manage.

Section 2. Experience each chakra individually. This section provides you with theory and techniques that enable you to meditate on each chakra, to purify and strengthen each chakra as part of an ascending hierarchy of increasingly subtler and more refined energies and consciousness.

Section 3. Learn how to link each chakra with other chakras. By linking the chakras in various combinations, you expand your sense of self, increase your psychological and spiritual growth, and speed up the evolution of your consciousness.

To read more about the course please read Light on the chakras – extended-course-description

The heart chakra - anahata controlling love, empathy and compassion, the seat of the self
The heart chakra - anahata controlling love, empathy and compassion


You will learn principles from Eastern philosophy and Western psychology to activate and awaken the chakras. Topics include:

  1. The key principles from Yoga, Tantra, Samkhya, and Vedanta (Indian philosophies)
  2. Initiation into chakra spiritual practice (sadhana)
  3. Awakening consciousness and Self-awareness for inner illumination and enlightenment
  4. Activating energy/shakti – inner power, skills and abilities
  5. The four organs of mind, the 25 tattwas (elemental forces)
  6. The three bodies, the subtle body, the five koshas (sheaths)
  7. The chakras, form and function
  8. The symbols within each chakra explained – petals, elements, mantras, elements, gods, animals
  9. Chakras and the brain
  10. Preparing the spine for the ascent of kundalini in the central channel (Sushumna Nadi)
  11. Mantras, yantras, psychic symbols (Ishta devatā), sacred symbols
  12. The journey from ego consciousness to the True Self
  13. Jungian psychology, archetypes, and libido
  14. Activating the devata, luminous forces that support your progress
  15. Managing the dark forces (asura) that impede your progress
  16. Spiritual practices (sadhana) to transform darkness into light
  17. Meditations on the chakras, nadis and kundalini
  18. Awakening the third eye that enables you to visualize the universe within you
  19. How the chakras relate to the Sri Yantra
  20. Indian astrology and the chakras – know your karma
  21. Karmic remedies for imbalanced chakras
  22. How imbalanced chakras can create mental illness and what to do about it
  23. How to apply this knowledge to mental and emotional health and spiritual awakening

You will have the opportunity to clarify and discuss health, mental strength, and spiritual life issues. This does not include personal medical advice.

Who is this chakras and kundalini course for?

This is a rare, thorough, grounded training program to develop mastery of the subtle body, the more stable and permanent sheaths underlying the physical form. The subtle body contains the chakras and is powered by kundalinī energy, which arises from a deeper part of you.

Chakra meditations are intermediate practices within the yoga traditions. However, this program is suitable for anyone with an interest in the subject. It lays the foundation for safe exploration of this vast subject, even for relative beginners to yoga and. meditation.

Ideally, you will have had some basic experience of yoga postures, breathing, relaxation, and meditation. However, in the first part of the course, the fundamentals of chakra meditation practice, including postures, preliminary breathing, and basic meditation techniques are given. It is also important for intermediate and advanced practitioners to go over the basics and ensure that they are prepared for the more advanced practices in the later lessons.

By following the program sequentially and practicing regularly you will build your internal psychic muscles and develop the skills you need. You will be guided into theory and practices that progress gradually and systematically, giving you an opportunity to build various skills, for example, relaxation, before progressing to the more demanding concentration techniques.

This program is especially useful for yoga teachers, and advanced students who wish to shore up their foundations, both theoretical and practical, and also progress into more advanced studies.

Expert guidance and training

Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati will provide expert guidance to support you in purifying, balancing, strengthening, and illuminating your chakras.

He is a master of yoga and meditation (Yoga Acharya), a medical doctor, and a psychotherapist.

Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati

Student numbers are limited

Numbers are limited so that we can provide individual attention to participants. We will provide you with both the theory so that you understand what you are doing and a sadhana, a practice program to engage with your chakras and bring the theory into your life.

Limited Scholarships are available. Contact us for further information.

Follow the schedule or complete the course in your own time

You can follow the recommended schedule or study the course in your own time and at your convenience. A new lesson is released every two weeks. Live classes occur every month.


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