Do You Think Too Much? What Neuroscientists and Yogis Say

Most people think too much—it is human nature. The mind is a thought generator; it is constantly creating an endless stream of thoughts. It’s easy to become caught up in your thoughts, ruminating about the little things of life, attempting to avoid the bigger issues, and perhaps feeling powerless and doubting your ability to deal […]

How To Find Your Life Purpose – Your Dharma

How to find your life purposeFinding your life purpose comes from knowing your dharma, your true nature. It is a process of self-development that engages thinking, feeling, knowing, and doing. What is Dharma? We can translate the word dharma as any purpose that is harmonious, virtuous, and that supports all beings. The word dharma comes from the root dhar, which [...]

Ujjayi Pranayama – Yoga Breath, Psychic Breath

Ujjayi PranayamaWould you like to learn a technique that can change your life, that enables you to: Relax instantly, anytime and anywhere Stop thinking Calm your emotions Ground and center yourself Prevent overwhelm Become more present, aware and mindful Enter into deep states of meditation Set the foundation for psychological growth, strength and illumination Tune into […]

The Archetype of Initiation, Sacred Space, Ritual and Transformation

The word liminal: Derives from the Latin word Limin, which translates as threshold. A threshold is a boundary that marks a point of transition between one place and another, one state of being and another, or one object and another. Liminal space is the space between things. It’s the thing between the things. It’s the […]

Living in a Constant State of Stress Creates Disease

Medical research estimates stress plays a significant role in 90 percent of illness and disease. Stress can interfere with your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. – Centers for Disease Control The state of relaxation is a healthy, vital glowing state of body and mind. Unfortunately, few people experience this joyful, glowing, relaxed state. Many people […]

The Nine Nights Of The Goddess – Navarātri

Yoga and tantra provide maps and paths through the maze of complex existence. They aim to transform the body-mind from raw, mundane states of existence to refined, exalted states of experience and realization. Within many yogic and tantric traditions, certain seasons, months, and times of the day are given special importance. They are ‘auspicious’ times […]