Why Mindfulness Is Not Enough

Mindfulness is not enough

Many people come to us for therapy believing they cannot meditate. 

They have tried a few simple mindfulness and breath awareness techniques; however, they tell us they couldn’t meditate because they couldn’t stop thinking. They either feel bored looking at their thoughts, which they had hoped would stop, or they become nervous because they could not stop the anxious feelings, emotions, and memories that accompany these thoughts. 

It is a common misconception that you have to stop thinking to meditate. Rather the opposite is true. When you start off in meditation, the mind will be full of thoughts. This is a sign of success. The attainment of the thoughtless state, the state of Inner Silence, comes later on down the path.

The tragedy is, that because of this initial experience with pure mindfulness techniques, many people close the door on meditation and say that it is not for them. The real problem is that they have experienced only one technique, have not had access to theory, and are unaware that there are many other techniques that can give them a peaceful experience of meditation, even if they are thinking.

Mindfulness is one of the most popular forms of meditation. However, mindfulness, which is really the simple act of paying attention to the present moment and not being lost in thinking and rumination, is only a small part of meditation. It has gained popularity because it has been integrated into mental health programs where it is part of a larger approach to mental health. Mindfulness is not a standalone technique. It supports the clinical psychologists’ treatment of mental illness. 

For most people, and especially in a clinical setting, mindfulness needs to be combined with other techniques that enable you to reduce negative feelings attached to thoughts. You need to combine mindfulness with techniques that enable you to cultivate positive feelings so that you develop a positive sense of self-control. 

Much more is possible if you understand the theory behind meditation. This includes learning about the structure of the mind, and how to apply meditation to the thinking, feeling, and knowing aspects of the mind. 

Essence of Enlightenment Online Classes

That is why we have created the Essence of Enlightenment classes. In these classes, you will learn techniques that give you the ability to manage both thoughts and feelings. You will learn yoga-tantra philosophy that helps you to understand not only the theory behind the techniques but how and when to apply them. You will gain a framework of understanding that is reliable, grounded, and founded in ancient wisdom.

You will learn how to combine mindfulness with other powerful meditation techniques that build your mental strength and bring valuable skills. Mindfulness becomes part of a holistic system of mind management

You will learn about the difference between mindfulness and witnessing, and between enlightenment and self-realization.

The purpose of these classes is to set the foundations for true mastery of the mind. Your mind is a vast creative power. Your mind is the creator of all your problems and also the solution to all your problems

An uneducated and undisciplined mind creates endless problems. In these classes, you will learn how to manage your mind in a structured way that enables you to tackle worry, anxiety, and depression with greater skill and confidence.

Become the master of your mind and emotions

If you do not have an element of mastery of your mind, your mind will be your master. You will be caught up in worries or anxieties, or emotional disturbance. Most people live this way. They identify solely with their mind and believe that they are their thoughts and emotions. This blocks them from accessing the depth of who they really are.

When you develop a mutually satisfying relationship with your mind, your mind becomes your best friend.

In the Essence of Enlightenment classes, you will experience yourself as someone far greater than your mind. You will experience yourself as consciousness; a self-aware being that has a mind. 

You will learn how to locate the calm, peaceful, powerful center of your being both in your formal practice and also in daily life, in both familiar and strange situations. 

In this modern age of pandemics, isolation, and the increased use of technology for communication, these classes will support you in exploring new ways to engage consciously and skillfully with your world and yourself. See full information here:

Why Mindfulness Is Not Enough

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