5 Tips For Uplifting The Consciousness Of The World

5 tips for uplifting the consciousness of the world

The holiday season ushers in a blend of energies, emotions, and behaviors. Amid the hustle and bustle of preparations, family, and social commitments, many people also grapple with feelings of loneliness stemming from the absence of connections with family and friends.

To navigate this mix of experiences, consider these five tips aimed at elevating your personal consciousness and the collective consciousness of the world.

1. Be aware of your psychic connection.

The boundary of your skin does not isolate you from the chaotic psychic energies circulating during the festive season. Rather, your energies intermingle with those of the people around you.

This alchemical interplay contributes to the complex array of emotions you might experience at this time. You may find relief and joy in taking a break yet also experience anxiety or sadness. Anticipating the upcoming new year may be coupled with waves of nostalgia.

Taking a few moments to acknowledge the complexity of your feelings can prove helpful and deeply healing. You will become calmer and that means you will make better decisions.

2. Embrace patience and kindness. 

Recognize that not everyone aligns with your pace, energy, or emotional state. Some people are rushing to prepare everything, while others seek to steer clear of the crowds.

Extend patience to those moving to a different rhythm. Cultivate kindness. A few gentle words have the power to transform a tense situation and uplift spirits.

3. Go easy on that.

The highest rate of cardiac arrests occurs in December and January, caused by stress, overconsumption of rich foods and alcohol, sudden change in routine, travel, and inadequate sleep. Neglecting hydration and prescribed medications is also reported as a significant cause of heart attacks.

You can reduce stress by intentionally slowing your heart-rate at any time. You can achieve this by slowing, lengthening, and deepening your breath. Reducing the pace of your eating, walking and driving is also highly effective in managing stress and promoting heart health.

4. Cherish the connection.

The holiday season can be an incredibly lonely time for people of all ages. Some find themselves without family or the ability to be with others due to mobility constraints. Many people have good reasons not to be cheerful during this time.

Statistics show that 30% of Australians and up to 61% of Americans experience loneliness during the holiday season. A campaign titled The Hardest Day of the Year by Age UK found that  2.3 million people said they wish they had someone to spend Christmas with.

Cherish your connections with others, even if it’s just with only one person. Remember, as a spiritual practitioner, you possess the tools and techniques to connect to all beings and things—a blessing many people never experience.

5. See people, not opinions.

It’s uncommon for all family members and friends to align on every aspect of their experiences and worldviews. Diverging tastes, interests and senses of humour often serve as sources of curiosity and even endearment. However, when it comes to political and spiritual views, difference can take a sudden serious turn, similar to the impact of hitting a brick wall.

In recent years, labelling beliefs and opinions as personal insults, betrayals, or even as crimes, has given rise to a culture of hypersensitivity.

Conflating the complexity of a person with one of their beliefs or their worldview is shortsighted. People are more complex than their beliefs and opinions. Good-hearted people can hold abrasive opinions.

Listen and then speak with calmness and humility. Seek aspects and personality traits that you can relate to in others. Remember, we are all complex, and idiosyncratic beings, struggling to make sense of the world and ourselves.

This approach can be enlightening and relieving for everyone.

From all of us at Big Shakti, we wish joy, peace, love, happiness and ever-growing enlightenment!


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