Yoga Tantra Advanced Study Group

8 x 90-minute classes, every fortnight, starting on August 30th at 9 am (Sydney, Australia time).

Hi everyone, we hope you are well and safe in these difficult times.

Many of our students have been requesting guidance in developing a practice program that’s in line with their needs, especially regarding health, psychological growth, and spiritual evolution. As a result, we are starting an online study group for advanced students of yoga, tantra, and meditation.

The aim of the group is to empower and illuminate the yogic path through knowledge and practice; to provide live online teachings, access to deeper theory and practice, and opportunities for discussion.

  1. The first part of the teachings will focus on how to use yoga to develop a strong balanced ego structure, a strong sense of self-esteem, and the ability to better achieve your goals.
  2. The second part will focus on growing your relationship with your deepest Self and exploring the mysteries of the psyche, unconscious, and higher dimensions of being.

This is an opportunity to deepen and upgrade your understanding of the philosophies and techniques from Yoga, Tantra, Sāmkhya, and Vedanta, and to practice meditations and techniques derived from these philosophies.

Selected texts will be recommended. For example, we will explore the Upanishads, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and various Tantras (sacred texts).


Topics include consciousness, energy/shakti, light; mind, karma, elemental forces; mantras, yantras, initiation, psychic symbols (Ishta devatā); spiritual practice (sādhana), peace, silence, stillness; community (sangha). Many other topics will be incorporated into the teachings and discussions.

You will also learn principals from both Eastern and Western psychological approaches to self-development and self-realization.

You will have the opportunity to clarify and discuss issues in health, mental strength, and spiritual life. This does not include personal medical advice.


  • Meditation experience of at least one year.
  • Have a strong desire to learn theory.
  • Practice the techniques prescribed in the sessions.
  • Participate in group discussions.

Techniques will include and touch on the following: breathing techniques (prānāyāma), purification techniques, elemental meditations (tattwas), mantra chanting, chakras, grounding, visualization.

Continuing Professional Development Points

Earns 16 non-contact hrs with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Australia & SYTA

Class dates & duration

We will be running 8 x 90-minute classes, every fortnight, starting on August 30th at 9 am (Sydney, Australia time).

Recordings can be accessed via your Big Shakti account in our course platform.


US$350 for the 8 classes and ongoing access to recordings.

A limited number of scholarships (partial payment) are available.

The numbers are limited and already filling up fast, so please get in quickly if you wish to be part of this group.

Please complete the application form here:


From our July Class Series:  Awaken Your Third Eye of Intuition

Big Shakti classes help me gain a deeper understanding and insight into myself enable me to show up in my life and in the world more grounded, more focused, and more confident. The combination of eastern philosophy and practices with western psychology is perfect for people who have a spiritual inclination with a strong intellect. Thank you for providing such wonderful classes. I always look forward to them!
Laura Carter – Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant FL, USA

Big Shakti courses are delivered with the highest standards. Both Dr. Swami Shankardev and Jayne Stevenson are experienced in authentically presenting Eastern and Western theoretical and practical applications, and therefore, guiding students in knowledge and experiential learning.
Leigh Ridden – NSW, Australia

Big Shakti is a great resource. Jayne and Shankardev have a lot of knowledge and experience that are not commonly available and they are able to share and teach this complex and in-depth knowledge in very clear, practical, and accessible ways. They provide clear graphics that are very helpful and teach practices that can be easily used and incorporated in everyday life. I am keen to learn more with them.
Rose Donaghy – Canterbury, New Zealand

I really enjoyed the Awaken Your Third Eye sessions with Jayne and Shankardev. I gained new insights into age-old practices and found their teaching accessible and interesting. Beautifully presented images complimented the content along with powerful meditation practices. I feel inspired to continue practicing and learning more. I booked into the next course immediately and have recommended it to yoga teacher friends. Thank you to you both for a great series.
Anandajyoti Ray – Yoga Teacher ACT, Australia

Clear expositions from Yogic, Jungian and Daoist traditions together with practical meditations tailored to the goal of the classes. As a yoga teacher, I appreciated learning fresh ways to help awaken intuition in others.
Patricia Beattie – Yoga Teacher NT, Australia


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