Soul Vs Ego

If you want to find life purpose and live a full and healthy inner life, it is essential to bring your ego-mind into relationship with your soul-self.

It is common for our sense of who we are, and our sense of life purpose, to be clouded by the natural tension between the soul-self and the ego-mind. In our early life, our ego-mind rules. However, in our middle years, if we allow the natural, healthy cycles of growth and development to occur, the ego has to give way to the supremacy of the soul-self, which is our authentic self. We need to find a way to bring our ego and soul-self into harmonious relationship.

Conflict between soul-self and ego-mind is common

The soul-self desires to fulfill our karmic purpose. The ego-mind desires to strengthen our identity. Both of these are essential for life. However, conflict between these two aims can occur and can significantly contribute to an ever-present anxiety, depression, and disillusionment. It can also thwart the realization of both aims.

The ego-mind often avoids, or is deaf to the inner-voice of the soul-self, mostly because the soul-self doesn’t always paint a glamorous image of what you are meant to be doing with your life.

For example, you may have incarnated with a karmic purpose to deal with the difficulties of relationships. In this case, your soul-self needs to learn how to relate to yourself and others harmoniously. Your ego-mind may want something altogether different such as wealth and success and a life full of ease and nice things. There’s nothing wrong with wanting this, but if you ignore the call of the soul-self (karmic purpose) by wholly focusing on money and success, then both desires are likely to be rendered fruitless.

Ironically, the ability to create healthy business relationships is integral to wealth and success. Sadly this irony can so easily be missed!

Mental and spiritual health depends on finding a way to bring your ego-mind and soul-self into harmonious relationship.

Bring ego-mind into relationship with soul-self

The capacity to recognize the conflict (and alignment) between the soul-self and the ego-mind requires knowledge, inner-work and a level of maturity. This conflict alone contributes significantly to many psycho-emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, and disillusionment.

Many puritanical spiritual and religious traditions attempt to annihilate the ego-mind, which is an impossible and dangerous endeavor for most of the human race.

Working consciously towards reducing the conflict between soul-self and ego-mind is the key to creating psycho-emotional health, and to fulfilling both our karmic purpose and our need to express our ego-mind – to empower our identity.

These themes are central to our Find Life Purpose Online Course which teaches you how to create alignment and harmony between the soul-self and the ego-mind.

Soul Vs Ego


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