The Archetype of Initiation, Sacred Space, Ritual and Transformation

The word liminal:

  • Derives from the Latin word Limin, which translates as threshold. A threshold is a boundary that marks a point of transition between one place and another, one state of being and another, or one object and another.
  • Liminal space is the space between things. It’s the thing between the things.
  • It’s the space of potentiality
  • It’s invisible–not seen by the outer eyes.
  • The place where transformation occurs.

Mundane space vs. Sacred space

Mundane space is the space we occupy in our normal waking consciousness. It is the state we are in during our everyday life. This is mūlādhāra chakra consciousness; the daily routines and practical rituals that occupy most of our normal waking lives.

Sacred or liminal space is the space we enter when we meditate. In meditation, we leave the normal world and move within to heal, calm, or transform ourselves. We seek connection with forces that are not usually available to us in our normal waking life.


To enter liminal or sacred space, you need an initiation, a starting point, where you learn the knowledge and skills to enter effectively and safely. There, you gain the ability to use that time and experience to its full potential; to develop the knowledge of how to integrate that experience into your daily life so that your life and the lives of others improve and are ideally optimized.

Mantra is one of the most powerful methods to enter sacred space. In our Yoga Tantra Masterclass, we will focus on how to enter the liminal, sacred space of the chakras, through mantra and yantra (symbols). You will discover how to access the knowledge and powers within chakras, and how to bring that knowledge and power back into your ordinary life so that it too, is transformed.

Yoga Tantra Advanced Masterclass | Chakras, Mantras, Yantras

6 x 2-hr recorded lessons

Earn CPD points for Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Australia, and SYTA

The Archetype of Initiation, Sacred Space, Ritual and Transformation


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