How to Make the Right Decision

how to make a decision

Imagine being able to go to a place of clarity every time you feel confused about a decision you need to make.

By day the sun’s rays light a vast land of competing options, but as night falls, the moon shines a single beam of light that guides your vision into the ocean’s depths—your psyche.

As your awareness travels down, the deep blue below and the light above, your conscious and the unconscious minds meet. This is alchemy. At that moment, a bolt of insight strikes, and your decision is crystal clear.

Now you see that while there were many options, there was only one right choice. And with clarity, vitality returns. And with vitality comes motion—you are free to move forward again.

The difference between confusion and clarity is perception.

Your physical eyes perceive the world of infinite things which gives rise to infinite, competing desires. The physical eyes belong to the thinking mind, the mind that calculates, compares and conceptualizes.

Your third eye belongs to the intuitive mind, the mind that perceives the inner world and the spirit within matter. It sparks insight that penetrates what Lao Tzu called the ten thousand things, to reveal one thing. One right choice.

The ten thousand things flourish and then each returns to the root from which it came. Returning to the root is stillness. Through stillness, each fulfills its destiny. ~ Lao Tzu

When awakened, the third eye opens the door to knowledge, creativity, and wisdom. When asleep, perception defaults to thinking with its inherent doubts and limitations.

The information age is a good example of a sleeping third eye. The information age values thinking above all other human faculties. Data gathered by logic-based systems is the primary driver of decision-making.

The premise that the more information we have, the better equipped we are to live a good life fails us again and again. Information is not saving the world because data is not knowledge—and definitely not wisdom.

When thinking dominates, you make decisions that may or may not feel right—or be right.

Because of reliance on information, many people live their entire lives disconnected from their intuition, the very thing they need in order to create health, a sense of inner security, meaning, and joy. Their best teacher then is consequences.

When your third eye is awakened and active, you don’t have to wait for consequences to occur. You connect with your inner guide, or guru, that knows what is best for you and wants to protect you. You gain in-sight and can “see” into the future. You can intuit the ramifications of your decisions and consequent reactions.

Gain knowledge and skills to make the right decisions

The Third Eye of Intuition Course teaches you how to awaken and activate your third eye in a systematic, grounded, and balanced way.

The course comprises yoga-tantra philosophy and practices and Jungian psychology. We combine theory and meditation practice because practice alone is not enough. Without theory, you can get lost in meditative experience, which eventually hinders your progress. Theory gives you a clear understanding and context for your practice, a map of where you are, and a vision of what is possible.

Theory and practice; the two wings of Big Shakti’s teaching.

With the knowledge and skills to awaken your third eye, you will easily navigate between thinking and intuition.

As the sun’s rays cast light across multiple possibilities, think through and rationalize your options. This is essential. But by night, silence your thinking mind and follow the single moonbeam into the ocean’s depths, your psyche.

As the ten thousand things fall away, you will hear the voice of your inner guide and know the one right thing to do. Released from confusion, your energy returns. You are free to move forward.

How to Make the Right Decision


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