Practice Relaxation To Improve Every Part of Your Life

RelaxationRelaxation is an intentional practice, an art, and a science. Archeological research shows that Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Jewish, and Arabic cultures cultivated breath and awareness techniques to induce deep states of relaxation, since 5000 BCE. These practices traveled great geographical and philosophical distances to arrive in the laps of Western thinkers and practitioners, and in [...]

5 Steps for Creating Inner Light

Inner LightWishing you peace, joy, and fulfillment in 2022. Although troubled times for planet earth continue, we encourage you to hold on to your inner light. No matter your disappointments and misfortunes, aim to connect to all that nourishes your soul and spirit. This is the spiritual aspirant’s aim. Yogis, and many other seekers, strive to […]

What is the Meaning and Purpose of My Life?

meaning and purpose of my lifeThe year’s end is a time for reflecting on the past and for planning a better future. This is a time when you can contemplate how to minimize any pain and dissatisfaction you’ve experienced and how you can gain greater meaning, joy, and satisfaction. Contemplating how near or distant you are from living the life […]

How to Make the Right Decision

how to make a decisionImagine being able to go to a place of clarity every time you feel confused about a decision you need to make. By day the sun’s rays light a vast land of competing options, but as night falls, the moon shines a single beam of light that guides your vision into the ocean’s depths—your psyche. […]

Desires and the Chakras on the Yoga Tantra Path

Desire is a fundamental concern that has occupied spiritual traditions and societies for centuries. What are we to do with these raw energies that have the potential to take us to divine heights and to plunge us into the underworld of darkness? Attempts to deal with desire range from the uninhibited revelry of Greco-Roman cults, […]

How to Overcome The Fear of Change In The New Era

Here we are in this difficult place, between coping with the effects of isolation and navigating our way in an unsafe world. This in-between zone is not only a harsh new reality but also a dramatic metaphor for the changes that occur throughout our individual lives. Whether catalyzed by an inner-yearning or an event beyond […]