Awakening the Complete Chakra System

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The word chakra has become very popular; however, what a chakra is and how we activate our chakras is not so well understood.

I have found that many of my students have a limited understanding of what the chakras are really all about. Most want to awaken the chakras they have read about them in books, and the experiences sound fantastic but have not developed the prerequisite skills to actualize their desires.

Some of our more advanced students are missing just a few vital pieces of information that will tie together many years of meditation practice and enable a significant internal shift.

This is why we have created the Light on the Chakras and Kundalini course, to give you the information and techniques required to develop a proper foundation for an authentic experience of the chakras.

Awaken psychic energy

This course aims to awaken powerful psychic and spiritual energy that uplifts your consciousness and increases self-awareness. A side effect of this study, when followed systematically, is improved mental health and emotional resilience.

The focus of the course is to support you in developing a strong and stable mind that can handle the powerful energies within the psyche and the activation of kundalini shakti. This cosmic energy lies in a potential form stored in the base chakra, muladhara.

The chakra system

We want to emphasize that working on one chakra alone is not enough if you really want to experience the chakras. You need to develop each chakra as part of the complete chakra system, which is comprised of three components:

  1. The individual chakras
  2. The channels connecting the chakras, which are called nādīs
  3. Kundalinī shakti, the cosmic power stored at the base of the body, is the foundation of all energy required to power the totality of the system.
Awakening the Complete Chakra System

The more energy you have available, the more you can power the system.

The chakras operate at a very low voltage for most of us; there is not enough to power the complete chakras system; there is just enough to power day-to-day consciousness if that.

Most of our energy goes into the demands and routines of life. So to begin to charge up the chakras requires a regular and systematic process. And you will learn how to do this in this course.

Awakening the Complete Chakra System

A fully energized chakra system

When fully energized by awakened kundalinī, the chakra system is often represented by the Shri Yantra, composed of nine triangles and a point in the center representing the ultimate transcendent consciousness.

The relationship between the chakras and the Shri Yantra will be taught during this course.

Managing purification

The key to successfully animating the complete chakra system is building and storing your energy while remaining grounded, centered, stable, and fully engaged in your outer daily life, and at the same time fully committed to regular meditation practice. The two are very important; they balance each other out.

The key is to build energy slowly. Too much energy will initially cause discomfort and imbalance if you have not purified your body, nervous system, mind, and emotions sufficiently. The power will energize any cracks in your body, mind, and psyche.

These experiences of upwelling from the psyche and the information they provide can be helpful to an experienced teacher as it highlights the work a student needs to do before moving forward into the next set of techniques. However, it requires skill and wisdom to handle this situation correctly to remedy the issue.

An experienced practitioner can support you in dealing with whatever is arising, usually in the form of negative karma you have brought with you into this life, so that you can move forward on the spiritual path.

You will be guided to move through these experiences during this course.


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