Clarity Of Purpose For Renewal

Who you believe you are, how you relate to others and how you engage with the world around you is directly aligned with your life purpose or lack of purpose.

8 Things Your Life Purpose Can Do For You

  1. Your life purpose is the ‘why’ of your existence. Connecting with purpose reduces self-doubt, and increases self-esteem and confidence. When you have a purpose you feel useful, your actions are meaningful and valuable to yourself and others.
  2. Your purpose orientates both your inner life and your outer life. It’s the anchor that keeps you grounded, and the wheel that steers your direction.
  3. Your purpose creates experiences. The sum of these experiences creates your life.
  4. Your purpose takes you out of your comfort zone to courageously seek resources, education, mentors and helpers on your journey.
  5. Your purpose unifies your actions. Rather than being distracted, fragmented or unsure, your purpose gives you focus, enabling you to narrow your field of activity. You know the next thing to do, and the next.
  6. Your purpose is wise and ingenious. Once you make a sincere attempt to connect with it, your life purpose ignites your creativity. New ideas light up your mind, and you begin to think laterally and more creatively on how to fulfill it.
  7. Your purpose is not all about you. It’s bigger than you. Once you are aligned with and in flow with your purpose you realize that, rather than having a purpose, your purpose has you.
  8. Your purpose inspires you to bite off more than you can chew. Then, just as you feel overwhelmed by the task, purpose mainlines you into the cosmic grid and shoots a million stars into you.

5 Things You Can Do For Your Life Purpose

  1. Belief – Giving purpose a chance. Opening up to the possibility that you can grow and change for the better; and that you can let more light, love, and energy in your life creates the spark that initiates your purpose.
  2. Curiosity – Wanting to know who you are, what you are doing here in this body-mind at this point in time begins a conversation with your purpose.
  3. Imagination – Consciously putting aside worries and an overly-rational thinking, and fostering a greater vision for your life manifests an image for your purpose.
  4. Sacrifice – Cheerful willingness to sacrifice certain things to serve your purpose, including pettiness, unhealthy habits and negative relationships with people and things, activates your purpose. The upside of sacrifice is that you have more of your Self.
  5. Clarity – If you don’t yet know your purpose, or if you are vague about it, engaging in a structured, embodied study of purpose will focus your body, mind, and spirit towards finding and manifesting it.

Potential For Positive Change

No matter how difficult you found 2017; whatever setbacks you experienced, there is potential for positive change in 2018. If you don’t believe this, if you think life will remain the same, then you believe in stagnation, and this will be your self-fulfilling prophecy… unless you get lucky.

Don’t waste your time and energy. No matter your age or circumstances you have a purpose. You only need to see it with clarity.

Our Find Life Purpose Online Course will bring this clarity and so much more, as it has for many others…

The Find Life Purpose course is so useful for me. It prompted me to ask myself many questions which were lying dormant deep inside me for a long time. Now the answers are revealing themselves to me!
Dr. Anna Kirovak, Early Childhood Teacher – Montreal, Quebec Canada

If I had not undertaken this study, my mind would still be swirling in a confused state of possibilities, questions, and doubts. I now find myself very calm, focused and excited about my future. I highly recommend that anybody seeking clarity and focus to commit to working through this course.
Claire Black
, Environmental Activist and Strategic Marketer
 – Shanghai, China

I continue to use the course material ongoing as a tool and a guide on my life path. It is keeping me awake and conscious of where I’m heading and the choices I am making. The course resonates beyond the study and continues to bring me back to my Heart’s Desire each time I stray.
Stephanie Barton, Yoga Instructor/Wellness Consultant – Minnetonka, MN United States

I have gained deep insight into what I really want and moved away from patterns that don’t serve me, I am much more aware of my own genuine truths. I will continue to use this course as a tool in my life. Thank you!
Erin Plattner, Child and Family Specialist, La Frontera Yoga Instructor with Mindful Yoga

Don’t waste your life. Get clarity and so much more with the Find Life Purpose Online Course: 9 Lessons | 10 Meditation Techniques | 9 Integration Exercises | Teacher Support | CPD Points: 21 hrs.

Clarity Of Purpose For Renewal


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