How I Found My Inner Calling And Revolutionised My Life {Case Study of Louise Gardener}

Mother of two teenage children and owner of a prestigious UK social research company, Louise Gardener knew she needed to respond to an inner calling even though it threatened her status, finances, and lifestyle. Here’s how she discovered and answered the call.

Words by Louise

As a 40-year-old co-owner of a successful independent research company with a family of two teenagers, creating time to study the find life purpose course both challenging and life-changing.

Having graduated from Oxford University and married soon after, I worked as a special-effects and computer graphics producer with some of the biggest names in film and TV during my 20s, then decided I really wanted children as I turned 30.

Blessed with a healthy son and daughter by the age of 33, I knew that being present and caring for them was the most important thing, so I left the film and TV industry. I formed a company offering social research and analysis to the UK government, international charities, and liaising between academia and public policy on issues of education, sustainability, health, and justice.

It meant I could align and orientate my work around my family.

A longtime friend, Sebastian Pole founder of Pukka Herbs pointed me toward Big Shakti’s work. I am a lover of learning and found their meditations extremely effective. I enjoyed them daily with my young children after lunch.

When the Find life’s Purpose Course became available, I was excited to take part. I found the learning process deeply engaging and supportive. The guidance, using the two wings of theory and practice to fly, encouraging action even if we make mistakes, and taking as much time as needed, resonated with me.

Through following the deceptively simple yet profoundly effective yoga and meditation knowledge and practices, I realised a gnawing feeling inside.

Something in me needed to be expressed.

It took time to realize my life’s purpose. I did the course three times. Each time, gaining further insights, deeper knowledge of yoga theory, philosophies, and spiritual practices that engaged my mind, spirit, and psyche and broader external forces and energies.

I had to keep doing to learn: I repeated the exercise and mediations to become fluent. And the method worked. I knew the exact moment that I found my life’s purpose because it spoke out so clearly and powerfully. I needed to fulfill my passion for education with my love for children.

Because of the work I put in following the rich course materials and superb guidance, I changed track entirely professionally and personally. I changed my life: it changed me.

I trained to become a teacher, specializing in the theory and practice of how we learn.

The methods and wisdom embodied in the find life purpose course are things I have carried forward into my teaching practice. Although beyond the curriculum, my teaching authorities and peers have praised my methods on many occasions.

Going back to university and being a beginner in a classroom in my 40s, while being a mother to teenagers, letting go of my financial and social status was incredibly challenging—not only for me but for my family and everyone around me. I once joked with a lecturer that this was a midlife crisis.

But learning how to create an effective sankalpa (resolve) and then forming one in the process of the course carried me through, and today I could not be happier. I am a fully qualified teacher, who’s just gained a promotion working in a school in a very challenging area in Bristol, and I absolutely love it.

When I finished my training and was applying endlessly for that elusive first job, I got in contact with Jayne directly and started 1:1 skype sessions. These have supported me through vulnerable, pivotal, and fast-changing times personally, professionally, and spiritually. This work has supported my health, my wellbeing, and transformed my life.

As Jayne assured me early on, ‘finding your life’s purpose is rarely simple, comfortable or easy, but it’s the best gift you can give yourself and everyone else’. It has revolutionized and empowered my life and the lives of those I love for the better in every way.

I cannot recommend this course and the work of Big Shakti highly enough.

Louise Gardener
Bristol, UK

Let us support and guide you on your unique journey to discover and activate your inner calling. Join the Find Life Purpose Course.

How I Found My Inner Calling And Revolutionised My Life {Case Study of Louise Gardener}


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