Why Start Meditating on the Full Moon Eclipse – July 2020?

Jayne and I are starting to teach online meditation classes on the Full Moon of the Guru, on the 5th of July 2020 (Sydney time). The aim of these classes is first to teach techniques that charge the powers of intuition, ultimately increasing self-trust.

Secondly, we wish to develop a community of like-minded seekers of knowledge who wish to align themselves with the forces of light, gain spiritual illumination, and heal and remove the darkness of ignorance.

This is an especially important time for spiritual practice, as it is a time when we all need to align our internal elements, gain greater strength and wisdom, and support other beings and the realignment of the planet.

The three July eclipses.

From approximately the 5th of June to the 5th of July 2020, three eclipses occur. This is eclipse season. Eclipse season occurs two times each year when the Sun and Moon, the sources of light in the world, are in close contact with two shadow planets, called in Indian astrology Rahu (the head of the serpent, the north node) and Ketu (the tail of the serpent, the south node).

The first eclipse, a lunar eclipse, was on the 5th June. Lunar eclipses occurduring a full Moon.

The second eclipse, a solar eclipse, will be on the 21st June. Solar eclipses occur during the dark phase of the Moon.

The third and last eclipse in this season, a lunar eclipse, will occur on Guru Poornima, the full Moon of the Guru, which is usually a time of great celebration and connection to the spiritual guiding forces in the world. It is still possible to connect with these forces, even during an eclipse, if you know how.

From an esoteric yogic point of view, eclipses are moments in time when the light of the Sun and Moon are blocked. Their light cannot shine on the world and we are in a period of darkness. The esoteric effects of eclipses last far beyond the astronomical eclipse, especially if other negative astrological factors are also active as they obviously are in the world today. This is a time of planetary upheaval when we all need to generate more light, even though we are all feeling the stresses, pressures, and pain of this time.

Why we have decided to teach again.

This is also why Jayne and I decided to take time out from writing and begin live teaching again. Our aim is to reconnect with community and to use the power of the collective to generate light and positive force, to generate even bigger Shakti. And we will really need this Shakti if we are to have agency and the ability to contribute to positive change, as there are obviously more difficult times ahead, especially in terms of managing the pandemic and global warming.

Rahu and Ketu, the planets that block the light, are symbolized by serpents that live in the ground and are not seen until they emerge to strike with great force. They represent the unconscious in us all, confusion and unfulfillable desires. They also represent viruses and environmental toxins. They affect us all but in different areas of our life according to our karma, causing a wound that you need to address if you are to grow and evolve spiritually. If you can do this, these shadowy planets can bring great wisdom and insight, and their venom can be used for healing, but only if you know-how.

These shadow planets have been negatively affecting Jupiter for some time now. Jupiter has been traveling with these planets since November 2019, which, according to Indian astrology, is one of the reasons that the COVID19 pandemic has started.

The Great Conjunction.

For some time now Jupiter, called Guru in Sanskrit, the planet that represents spirit, dharma, growth, optimism, a humanitarian outlook, generosity, knowledge, wealth and good powers of judgment, has been weak and under the influence of Saturn. Saturn, the planet of karma, the taskmaster who represents discipline and responsibility, learning the difficult lessons of life, as well as isolation, suffering and death, is strong.

This combination of Jupiter and Saturn is called a Great Conjunction, a sign of a shift in society and often a sign of world upheaval. This time, the great conjunction is occurring in the sign of Capricorn, the 10th house of the natural zodiac, which in mundane astrology represents ruler of the country, the president or prime minister, as well as the cohesiveness of government. As a result, we have seen loss of good judgment, immorality, greed, and materialism in our leaders and distrust in governments, as well as great financial distress.

The problem:

  • Jupiter is traveling backward and forwards in the sky conjunct Saturn for several months, from March 30th to June 30th, 2020.
  • It then goes back to travel with Rahu and Ketu for about 5 months until November 2020, which can further stimulate the pandemic.
  • Jupiter comes back to travel with Saturn until April 2021 causing more unrest in government and world affairs

So, this is a time to focus on ensuring that the Jupitarian energy within us all, our dharma, optimism, humanitarianism, generosity, and good powers of judgment are being cultivated. And one of the best ways to do this is through meditation and spiritual study and practice, through self-reflection that you then need to bring into action in your life, changing the areas that need changing.

Starting the program.

From the tantric point of view, eclipses are auspicious opportunities for spiritual practice, sādhana. This is especially true if you are in the path of the eclipse and the physical light is actually blocked in your location. You can check google to track the path of the eclipse to see if you are directly affected. However, no matter where you are there will be a degree of effect.

The first series of classes starts on the eclipse on the full moon of the Guru on the 5th of July (Sydney time). July 4th in the US). They focus on awakening the third eye of intuition, the ājñā chakra. This chakra connects us to the inner guru, the intuitive guiding force that has been with us over many lifetimes. You can also use these classes to connect with your outer guru if you have one.

See full class information by clicking on the image below. Subscribe to receive your 30% Coupon Code!

Why Start Meditating on the Full Moon Eclipse – July 2020?


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