Mindfulness and Antar Mouna Meditation

Meditation has two main aims, the cultivation of witness consciousness, and the evolution of your body, mind and spirit. The essential key to success in meditation is the cultivation of witness consciousness, your own self-awareness.

When you develop the witness, it empowers your ability to know who you are, both as an individual living in the world, and as a transcendent, universal consciousness. Witnessing requires you to remain present and mindful in each moment, to see things as they are. It enables you to respond with greater skill, intuition and wisdom.

Develop a relationship with your mind

The witness is the silent, peaceful centre of your being. It is from this perspective that you view your mind, the eternally changing, thinking, emoting, feeling, remembering, desiring part of you.

Cultivating the witness in meditation enables you to forge the correct relationship between the unchanging witness and the ever-changing mind. You learn how to make the mind a tool that you can use to live a fulfilled life. If you have not developed the witness then your mind becomes your master.

Lack of systematic meditation training leads to frustration

Many people dive into powerful forms of meditation, such as visualization or chakra meditation practice, seeking experiences that they have heard or read about. Without the proper foundations and a systematic approach (based on witnessing and self-awareness) you may attain meditative experience but you will not be able to integrate the benefits of this experience fully into your life.

Constantly seeking experience without systematic self-development leads to dissatisfaction and disillusionment. People run from one method and from one teacher to another searching for an answer to their dilemma, not realising that the answer lies in engaging in a proper educational program that builds skills and understanding.

Mindfulness is the wakeful, conscious state that is present-centered

Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention that cultivates self-enquiry and self-understanding. By cultivating mindfulness we create the basis for sound mental health and a more conscious life.

The yoga-meditation practice of Inner Silence (Antar Mouna) is a particularly well-structured way to develop mindfulness, self-awareness and witness consciousness.

Regular practice leads to a state of calmness, peace and deep mental concentration. Eventually it leads to equanimity, serenity and rapture.

Antar Mouna meditation teaches you how to:

  • remain stable and present with negative thoughts
  • purify the mind from accumulated negative thoughts, memories and emotions
  • analyze and understand the negative thoughts and how they relate to your life and behavior
  • transform negative thoughts into positive states.

Mindfulness training

There are various traditions that teach mindfulness, including the Buddhist techniques of Vipassana, Zen, Dzogchen, Anapanasati, Mindfulness Training and Insight Meditations.

Even if you have practiced other methods of meditation, Inner Silence (Antar Mouna) will give you another perspective from which to engage with and awaken yourself, and to deal with your mind. This training lays a strong foundation for all other meditations and self-development work.


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