Light on the Chakras and Kundalini Shakti extended course description

Carl Jung drawing of kundalini awakening

Big Shakti is running a 9-month training program on the chakras from March to December 2022.

The aim of the course

The word chakra has become very popular; however, what a chakra is and how we activate our chakras is not so well understood.

I have found that many of my students have a limited understanding of what the chakras are really all about. Most want to awaken their chakras but have not developed the prerequisite skills required to actualize their desire.

This is why we have created the course, to give you the information and techniques required to develop a proper foundation for an authentic experience of the chakras.

This course aims to awaken powerful psychic and spiritual energy that uplifts your consciousness and increases your self-awareness. A side effect of this study, when followed systematically, is improved mental health and emotional resilience.

The focus of the course is to support you in developing a strong and stable mind that can handle the powerful energies within the psyche and the activation of kundalini shakti. This cosmic energy lies in a potential form stored in the base chakra, muladhara.

Our goal

Our goal is to make the information and practices from the great yoga-tantra traditions on the chakras accessible to you.

We know that the information and practices in this course will enable you to breathe life into your chakras and kindle your inner light (sattwa), which is usually covered in ignorance (tamas).

This ignorance is easily removed through study and meditation practice. After some time, the light of consciousness will unfold naturally and spontaneously from within you.

The chakras are part of a complete chakra system

The lessons and classes in this course are part of a structured sequence that unfolds throughout the program, from the fundamental principles and keys to unlock the secrets within each chakra to advanced practices that unify each chakra within the complete chakra system.

Light on the Chakras and Kundalini Shakti extended course description

The process of activating the chakras has to develop in stages

Initially, you tune into the chakras, then turn them on, and then use the energy within the chakras to wake up. You turn your attention from excessive involvement in gross worldly consciousness. Then tune into the chakras in your spine to purify and strengthen the energy within each chakra. Finally, liberate that energy to awaken higher consciousness. You elevate your consciousness to a level where you can perceive your true nature.

Within the Indian traditions, there is a defined sequence that you need to follow to activate and awaken the chakras safely and efficiently. Yogis laid down this path over millennia after a great deal of experimentation.

The course is divided into three sections

This course is divided into three sections focusing on physical, psychological, and spiritual optimization.

Section 1 – Tune in

The first section introduces the chakras and provides you with the keys to systematically unlock all the chakras over time. 

The section sets you up for deep chakra meditation. It gives you the foundations required to travel inward and remain relaxed, confident, clear, and stable on your journey.

Initially, you learn to relax, calm your mind, and manage your thoughts and emotions. This occurs when you develop the ability to remain self-aware, grounded, still, and stable while observing your mind, emotions, and feelings. You become centered in the witness rather than being caught up in your thinking mind. You refine your energy and consciousness so that you are less caught up in the lower, grosser, material planes of existence.

To achieve this, the first section gives you a thorough understanding of the yoga-tantra philosophy that describes the chakras. Yoga tantra is a storehouse of precious knowledge and wonderful techniques that provide the keys to unlock the mysteries of the chakras.

Light on the Chakras and Kundalini Shakti extended course description

Section 1 focuses on the activation of the third eye, ājnā chakra. Of the seven main chakras, ājnā chakra is the chakra that enables inner vision, inner knowledge, profound intuition, and clear understanding. Meditations on ājnā chakra will allow you to connect with, understand, and engage with the powerful forces of the unconscious. Ideally, you will be able to direct these forces to empower your self-awareness and self-knowledge, to enhance your ability to create a more positive, healthy, and meaningful life. 

Ājnā is the best and easiest chakra to start your journey into the chakras. It is far better to work on this higher chakra than, for example, to begin your journey attempting to deal with the unpredictable instinctive animal forces and impulses in the lower two chakras. This is why I have focused on the third eye in the first section of the book before diving into the other chakras in the second and third sections. 

Optimizing ajna chakra enables you to connect with and harness the powerful creative forces within you, enabling clarity confidence as you move through life.

Light on the Chakras and Kundalini Shakti extended course description

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You will practice meditations specifically designed to open your third eye of inner vision that refine your energy, mind, and awareness and support the development of all the other chakras simultaneously.

The benefits are immense:

  1. Reduce excessive thinking
  2. Integrate the various parts of the brain and other controlling systems of the body
  3. Develop greater focus
  4. Improve memory
  5. Cultivate intuition and creativity
Light on the Chakras and Kundalini Shakti extended course description

Section 2 – Turn on

The second stage is where you can remain stable while you work directly on the chakras and start to connect to the more profound psychic energy within each chakra. It is essential to stay grounded, centered, and relaxed as you do this, as, in the initial phase of stage 2, you purify all the karma stored in your chakras.

Purification leads to greater refinement of consciousness and energy, but the process is best undertaken under the supervision of a teacher or experienced guide.

Once energy is purified, you shift your awareness from being entangled in the sensory-ego-thinking complex and feel connected to a deeper and more intuitive part of your being. You feel connected to your psyche and spirit; into something greater in you.

The second section describes each chakra individually, providing theory and techniques that enable you to meditate on, purify, and strengthen each chakra. 

Each chakra is part of an ascending hierarchy. Each chakra works individually as well as part of a complete chakra system. Sometimes several chakras are activated simultaneously, though usually, one chakra is dominant. 

So, it is essential to become familiar with each chakra thoroughly so that you can deconstruct your inner experience and understand which chakra is dominant. Behind any thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires, and impulses you are experiencing at any one moment. The dominant chakra can change from moment to moment or exert a dominant influence over hours, days, months, or even years. 

The whole process of learning about the chakras can be likened to learning a musical instrument; you first learn each note within a scale, and then you can combine those notes to play any tune you want or to improvise. In this section, you will form a conscious, meaningful relationship with each chakra so that you can both perceive which chakra is dominant, or if it is weak or blocked, and how to better deal with this. You will learn techniques to heal, strengthen, activate, and awaken each chakra.

Light on the Chakras and Kundalini Shakti extended course description

Section 3 – Wake up

The third stage is initiated when you have refined energy to a very subtle level and developed your ability to perceive this energy. You feel aligned with the power of your psyche. Energy and awareness move freely in the spine, and the chakras and your spine become like an antenna that can tune into the universe and its very subtle cosmic vibrations. You can perceive the inner knowledge that awakens a sense of purpose to activate meaning and fulfillment.

The third section teaches you how to link each of the chakras together, combine the powers contained within the chakras to optimize psychological and spiritual growth, to speed up the evolution of your consciousness. 

You can only do this once you have mastered the meditations in sections 1 and 2. The result of the meditations in these sections is activated kundalinī, powerful cosmic energy coiled in potential form in the base chakra, mūlādhāra. Kundalinī activation provides the energy required to power more than one chakra. Initially, kundalinī activation  It si only when kundalinī is fully awakened that all the chakras are fully alive and working at their optimal potential.

Light on the Chakras and Kundalini Shakti extended course description

If your chakras are isolated or out of alignment with each other, and you have not cultivated kundalinī, your chakras can’t function at their full potential. 

So, in this section, you learn to link two or more chakras together, bringing those into alignment and relationship while at the same time activating kundalinī. This increases vital energy within the chakras to support the healing and regeneration, especially of weaker chakras. For example, you will develop your vitality (navel chakra, manipūra) and intelligence (third eye, ājnā chakra) and generate a more vibrant, grounded intuition. 

This process prepares your body and mind to activate kundalinī. If you activate kundalinī prematurely, the experience can be challenging to manage when your chakras are out of alignment. That is why the process requires the systematic, structured, and progressive training program detailed in this book.


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