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In this episode of Big Shakti’s podcast, I interview Jayne Stevenson, my life partner and co-creator of Big Shakti. We have been together in this life for 22 wonderful years. 

We talk about Jayne’s counseling and psychotherapy practice and how she combines spirituality and creativity, the role of intuitive healing, and dreams. While Carl Jung described creativity as a primal instinct, Jayne has developed a way of spiritualizing creativity to bring it to a higher level of expression through the methods taught by Big Shakti.

She talks about how she supports people to connect to the depths of the unconscious mind, which contains vast powers, mythic forces, and all the archetypes, the building blocks of life. Accessing this part enables you to connect to hidden aspects of your deeper nature that support removing old archaic, distorted, and neurotic patterns that keep you stuck in negative and destructive patterns of thinking and behavior. 

We also talk about Carl Jung, the great Swiss psychiatrist whose amazing body of work has had a major influence on modern psychology and enables you to access the deeper unconscious mind. And his work has also had an amazing influence on Jayne. She describes a series of initiatory dreams that involved the image of Carl Jung, who symbolizes a Christ-like figure, a sage with great wisdom. She had these dreams when she was a young woman following a serious car accident, and these dreams led to an experience of deep healing and set the course for her life’s work.

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