What to expect from Big Shakti meditations

Our guided audio meditations are available in MP3 and CD formats.

  • MP3s are downloadable immediately after purchase.
  • CDs are shipped worldwide within 48 hours of purchase.

Most of our meditations include an introductory explanation of the techniques and helpful practice tips. Produced to the highest quality, these meditations are accessible and enjoyable. None of our titles include distracting music or sound effects.

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Meditation practice tips

All of our meditations are guided; simply follow the gentle instructions as they lead you into a deep state of relaxation and meditation.

We recommend that you practice the tracks in the order they appear until you become familiar with them, then to move onto the next track. This traditional way of learning meditation promotes deep, lasting benefits that accumulate over time. Although our meditations provide quick results, the more you practice, the more benefits you will enjoy.

Experiment with the time of day that you practice. For example, if you wake feeling tired or tense, use a relaxation meditation such as Yoga Nidra to release muscle tension and experience deep rest before the day begins.

If you are facing a difficult or challenging situation, try meditations that increase calmness, resilience and a feeling of being grounded, such as Core Strength Calm Mind.

Our online courses combine various meditation techniques with psychology and philosophy to form potent health and self-development programs.

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