Prana and Pranic Healing – Master Your Life Force

Prana Mastering Life forcePrana is the energy at the basis of all creation. Everything that exists, animate and inanimate, is a manifestation of prana in one form or another. At the macrocosmic level, prana is called Maha Shakti, which means ‘great power’ (maha = great, shakti = power). Within the microcosm of living beings, MahaShakti manifests as prana […]

How Stress Wrecks Your Brain and What To Do About It

Did you know that chronic, unresolved stress can create an imbalance between the self-aware, rational, decision making, and problem-solving parts of your brain (the pre-frontal cortex) and the emotion and memory controlling parts of your brain (the amygdala and hippocampus)? Long-term (chronic) stress alters your thinking, emotion, and behavior and over time changes the size, [...]

Tantra, the Science of Self–Transformation and Self–Realization

Tantra is a system of self developmentTantra is the ancient empirical philosophy and science of liberating energy in order to expand consciousness and realize one’s inherent spiritual power. Consciousness and energy are united and made available for health, mental peace, emotional resilience, creativity and spiritual realization. Tantra is a practical, empirical and experiential science that lights the torch and shows the […]

The Aim of Yoga Psychotherapy

The three main aims of Yoga Psychotherapy are self-awareness, spontaneity, and intimacy. People come to Yoga Psychotherapy to deal with various issues, from seeking relief from anxiety, pain, and illness, to finding authentic spiritual meaning.   The yoga path The aim of yoga (the word means union or connection) is to unite individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness, […]

Yoga Psychology and Psychotherapy – Theory and Practice

Yoga psychology is the theoretical basis for yoga psychotherapy. Yoga psychotherapy plays a vital role in the successful treatment and management of physical, psychological and spiritual conditions. When combined with Western psychotherapeutic approaches it creates a powerful holistic approach to long-term healing. One of the greatest things about yoga psychology and psychotherapy is that they […]