Awaken Your Unconscious with Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra meditation connects you to your subconscious and deeper unconscious, which contain your greatest strengths, abilities, knowledge, and wisdom. You can create stronger connections to this part of you by regularly practicing Yoga Nidra to develop your intuition and expand your sense of self.

Yoga Nidra enables you to access your unconscious by teaching you how to remain awake and aware as you relax deeply.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful relaxation meditation technique that enables you to remove tensions from the body, mind, emotions, and the deeper psyche.

It guides you systematically through the layers of your being so that you feel where you are holding tensions. The powerful rhythmic process that you enter into then enables the release of these tensions.

You will come out of the practice feeling relaxed, revitalized, and rejuvenated.

In the higher stages of Yoga Nidra meditation, you aim to remain relaxed, awake, and aware, even while you are in a deep sleep state. This exalted state of consciousness is equivalent to the highest states of yoga and meditation.

Stage 1: Stay awake and aware in Yoga Nidra meditation

Most people fall asleep when they relax, so the first stage of learning Yoga Nidra is to practice remaining awake and aware. This has many physical and psychological health benefits that evolve as you discover more and more of the hidden treasures that lie dormant inside you.

Remaining awake is the key to becoming aware of the tensions you habitually hold that corrode your health and vitality. Awareness is the greatest healer because when you become aware of something, you can make positive, creative changes that support better health and that optimize your life.

Start using Yoga Nidra Meditation to experience profound relaxation, recuperation, and healing benefits.

Stage 2: Create a powerful resolve, called a sankalpa in Sanskrit

The second stage of Yoga Nidra meditation is to learn how to create and use a resolve called a sankalpa in Sanskrit. Sankalpa is the Sanskrit word for a resolve formed into a statement of intent. The sankalpa is a statement of intent that is linked to something you really want in your life.

While you are in a state of deep relaxation during Yoga Nidra, you can say a word or phrase that encapsulates a desire or something you deeply wish for. This desire may be small or grand and becomes planted in the deeper mind, eventually empowering your most cherished desires and heartfelt purpose.

A strong sankalpa empowers you to focus on what you truly want and mobilizes you to actualize your desire.

How do I choose a Sankalpa?

For many people, the sankalpa is a concept that is not well understood.

Many people, even advanced yoga practitioners, use the sankalpa for years without it ever coming to fruition. They remain unfulfilled despite having what they believe is a worthy sankalpa.

To be effective, the sankalpa has to be true to your nature and your dharma, and you need to understand how to enact it.

Awaken Your Unconscious with Yoga Nidra

Formulating a sankalpa occurs in three steps:

  • Examine your desires and choose one.
  • Imagine what is required to achieve your goal.
  • Articulate your desire as a short, simple, positive sentence that reminds you of your goal.

Repeat the sankalpa mentally before and after practicing Yoga Nidra meditation or any other meditation technique. The sankalpa is powerful because it is linked to something that you really want in your life.

A good sankalpa will also help you to remain awake as you go within.

Use a sankalpa to connect to your unconscious, intuitive self.

By constantly repeating the same sankalpa in Yoga Nidra meditation practice until the desire is fulfilled, thoughts and feelings associated with the sankalpa continue to operate at the junction between your conscious and subconscious mind while you are engaged in your day-to-day activities.

You can easily remember your sankalpa when you need it, for example, when you feel low, lost, or confused.

Over time, you begin to embody this connection with the subconscious mind, which is far more powerful than your conscious mind.

To learn more about creating a powerful sankalpa, read How to find your life purpose – your Dharma.

We have also created a powerful Find Life Purpose Online Course that will guide you systematically into the theory and practices that enable you to find your life purpose and create a powerful sankalpa that will carry you to your goal.

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