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Big Shakti Yoga Meditation Training

Foundation Training

Start here if you are new to yoga and meditation or want to revise essential foundational theory and skills.

Intermediate Training

Start with this level if you have some yoga or meditation experience and want to progress deeper into meditation, upgrade your skills, and see what is possible on the yoga and meditation path.

Advanced Training

Start here if you are an experienced yoga and meditation practitioner, teacher, and/or health professional and want to explore the depths of Indian philosophy, psychology, and advanced meditation practices.

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Please note – the training levels are indicated on each Guided Meditation and Course.

Foundation Training

People are often confused about which technique to start with and how to progress in meditation so that it creates meaningful change.

Many people miss meditation basics and dive into advanced techniques prematurely. They are well-intentioned, but because they lack the fundamentals, they may believe they cannot meditate.

Our Foundation Training provides a sound structure for you to start with the right technique and build a successful meditation practice.

Foundation Training gives you access to various meditation techniques which initiate your meditation journey. You can purchase a guided meditation or do any of our foundation courses that introduce various forms of relaxation and meditation. These are designed to support improved physical and mental health.

Relaxation is a prerequisite for all forms of meditation because relaxation is the key to increasing vitality. It is both an innate skill and something that you can develop.

Once you can relax, you can create more energy and vitality in your life. This will help you to manage stress and quickly rebound from setbacks, for example, to recover from illness or surgery.

Many positive side effects come from meditation. Improved health is a side-effect, as is understanding your mind.

Intermediate Training

Intermediate training courses and meditations will give you access to more advanced skills that you can use to progress on the yogic path.

Intermediate Training introduces you to concepts of prana (life force), awakening the higher mind, activating your third eye of intuition, purification of the subconscious, increasing luminous energy in mind, removing stagnant emotional patterns, dealing with previous traumas, and feeling confident in managing your karma.

You will learn how to use both positive and negative past experiences as fuel for enlightenment.

As you gain experience in the theory and practice of meditation, you will forge an authentic path of self-development, one that suits your individual needs and circumstances. You will discover what is potential in you and learn what skills and strengths are required to realize this potential.  You will gain a clear path forward to create a better life.

Our commitment to you is that we will support you in seeing tangible benefits in your life.

Advanced Training

Our advanced courses and meditations will empower you to understand the essential concepts of Indian Philosophy and Psychology and how to apply them to your own life and to support the lives of others.

These courses dive deep into yoga tantra and utilize and combine various mantras, symbols, breathing, and other advanced techniques.

There is a strong emphasis on integrating eastern and western psychology to support a deepening of your understanding of what the mind and consciousness are and how to manage and cultivate the mind on a path to authentic enlightenment.

Advanced training includes advanced work with the chakras, prana, and kundalini, as concepts of the higher Self and individual self and its karma.

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