The Conscious Cook eBook

Create Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

eBook PDF | 259 pages




Kamala Devi shares a life-long passion for cooking in this wonderful cookbook of over 300 delicious vegetarian recipes.

Far beyond a vegetarian recipe book The Conscious Cook gives you everything you need to know about selecting ingredients and joyfully preparing a huge variety of delicious, healthy, easily digested vegetarian dishes.

Consciousness is the magical ingredient of every recipe. When we prepare a meal consciously it can become a sacred creative act. It is an act of service and an expression of our care for those who will eat the food we are preparing. Conscious cooking is love in action.

Not just a cookbook, a cooking teacher, The Conscious Cook offers:

  • 300 delicious vegetarian recipes
  • A checklist of vegetarian ingredients, their uses and preparation
  • The proper use of utensils, cookware, plates and serving dishes
  • Food storage tips
  • Vegetarian dietary guidelines
  • Health benefits of herbs such as turmeric, asafoetida, chillies
  • How to choose between ghee, butter and various oils
  • How to grow your own sprouts
  • How to prepare sea vegetables and seed garnishes
  • How to make your own yoghurt and breakfast cereals

Publisher Info

Title: The Conscious Cook

Authors: Kamala Devi

Content: 259 pages / 300 Recipes / Illustrations and Photographs

Media: eBook (PDF)


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