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Big Shakti subscribers range from yoga students, yoga teachers, health practitioners, and people looking to improve their physical, emotional, and mental health.

They share the desire to gain authentic knowledge and meditation practices.

I feel blessed to have found authentic and deeply knowledgeable teachers and teachings. I now practice regularly, with a deeper understanding and greater personal stability.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey of into understanding yoga and meditation or an experienced teacher we can guide you on your path.

For me, Big Shakti means Big Earthquake because if you do their practices, significant positive changes come. I call their meditations “Meditation with Muscle” because they are so radically healing. Big Shakti is a rich resource for me to keep learning, healing, and believing in myself.

We design our meditations and courses to support you in increasing your physical, mental, and spiritual health in order to ease pain and suffering of every kind—physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

Founders and Teachers

We have been blessed to study with outstanding teachers and masters who gave us access to ancient authentic, life-changing knowledge and wisdom. We have spent our lives translating this knowledge into meaningful forms that you can use to improve your health and enhance your life.

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Cofounders & Teachers

Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati

Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati is a western medical doctor, Yoga Acharya (authority), Yoga Therapist, psychotherapist, author, and teacher.

Jayne Stevenson

Jayne Stevenson, Cofounder and Director of Big Shakti is a counselor, dreamworker and writer with a passion for healing and spirituality.

Take your self-knowledge and meditation practice to a whole new level. Study in your own time at your own pace. Courses include Theory, Meditation Practices, Teacher Email Support, and CPD points.

Transform your body-mind with our guided meditations; remove the adverse effects of stress, increase resilience and vitality, and illuminate your mind and spirit. 

Access free and paid lectures on yoga-tantra, meditation, philosophy, psychology, and health and wellbeing.

See Classical Yoga Therapy Books by Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati, published by the Bihar School of Yoga, India.



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