What is Dreamwork? (Free Lecture)

Interview with Jayne Stevenson by the Hanuman Academy

Video Lecture, Dream Recall Steps, 30 minutes




What is Dreamwork?

Dreamwork begins when you dare to mine the unexplored frontiers of the unconscious. Dreamwork is a powerful method for developing self-knowledge because it engages the intellect, senses, intuition, feeling, and spirit.

Dreams make little sense when you first encounter them; the people, places, and happenings seem bizarre. “I had a weird dream,” is the typical response. But when you learn how dreams speak, and you can access the information stored in the dream in symbolic form, you experience dream phenomena as intelligent and purposeful presences within your psyche.

Even the dreams that seem only to rehash the mundane events of the day also hold significance and potency.

When you cultivate a relationship with your dreams, you access your unconscious mind—aspects of yourself beyond and beneath your everyday personality.

Dreams retrieve unlived desires, untold stories, and lost memories. They also provide a window into hidden character traits, beauty, talents, unconscious fears, and prejudices that have lain dormant. Until we make these buried aspects conscious, they are unlikely to be integrated, expressed, or healed.

This dreamwork interview with Jayne Stevenson was part of the 2021 Hanuman Academy’s Conference—Yoga and the Soul’s Quest.. Thanks to Yoshi Aono, the academy’s founder.

If you want to have a session with Jayne and see testimonials about Dreamwork and Healing Sessions, please click here.

Dreamwork discussion includes:

  • How Jayne got started with dreamwork.
  • How dreams connect us to unconscious forces within us.
  • Why connecting with dreams is essential in this hyper-technological era.
  • How Jayne’s recurring dream of Carl Jung healed her trauma.
  • What a Big Dream is, and how it can point to your life’s purpose.
  • How dreams hold multiple meanings; personal, interpersonal, and universal.
  • How dreamwork and meditation can heal your soul.

Please enjoy this Free Lecture about dreamwork, plus receive Jayne’s unique steps for remembering your dreams.

Lecture Overview

Interview with Jayne Stevenson on the benefits of dreamwork.

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Title: Dreamwork

Author: Jayne Stevenson

Publisher: Big Shakti

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