Introduction to Yoga Tantra (Free Lecture)

Interview with Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati by the Hanuman Academy

Video Lecture, 1 meditation, 30 minutes




Introduction to Yoga Tantra

This free interview with Dr Swami Shankardev was part of the 2021 Hanuman Academy’s Conference—Yoga and the Soul’s Quest. Thanks to Yoshi Aono, the academy’s founder.

Meditation – Yoga Tantra – Grounding + Ājnā Chakra

A short meditation is available to download.

This interview includes:

  • 0 min—Introduction to the Soul’s Quest
  • 1.50 min—Definition of Yoga Tantra. How to remove tensions, contraction, and division (disconnection) that block the flow of energy in the body, mind, and spirit. A journey back to the recognition of our true nature.
  • 3.45 min—Tools of tantra, mantra, and yantra to penetrate awareness deep into the heart of matter to awaken the soul, spirit, and consciousness that is inherent in matter.
  • 5.15 min – When did tantra start? Tantra – a quest to discover how to power the body, mind, intuition, and spirit; to develop a grounded experience of spirit.
  • 7.00 min—Tantra aims to refine consciousness using mantra and yantra.
  • 8.50 min – Intuitive knowledge is image-based – yantra and archetypal forms come to life.
  • 9.51 min – Yoshi talks about the noise that comes into the mind from social media – asks to have a meditation practice to use in the middle of the day to ground and center so that they can tune into their essence.
  • 9.58 min –Swami Shankardev discusses two practices for daily life: Grounding practice – to get out of the head and stop thinking too much and control life. How to awaken the third eye of intuition.
  • 12.37 min – Meditation Short practice on grounding and awakening the third eye (8 minutes) – MP3 download available below.
  • 21.22 min – Discussion of the meditation technique.
  • 22.10 min—Q. What are the benefits of yoga tantra from a medical perspective? – Dr Swami Shankardev discusses his use of these techniques in his medical practice. For example, to calm the mind and remove emotional imbalance, and for people on a soul’s quest.
  • 24.30 mins – Need for technique, a guide, and a community.
  • 25.15 min – The need to gain access to meaning and purpose, which exists in the subtle areas of the mind as a psychic force that arises when you align with your soul, and you resonate with the truth of who you are.
  • 25.50 min – Karma.
  • 26.40 min – Yoshi and Swami Shankardev summing up.
  • 27.25 min – Final thoughts –most systems today can be seen as yoga-tantra, except pure mindfulness systems. We need to remove division and for all of us to come together to support the difficult times the world is facing at the moment.

Lecture Overview

Interview with Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati – Introduction to Yoga Tantra.

Publisher Info

Title: Introduction to Yoga Tantra

Author: Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswati

Publisher: Big Shakti

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