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‘To the unawakened mind, prana is felt as the breath alone. When self-awareness dawns, prana is felt as a subtle power that is connected to the breath. Only the fully awakened mind can experience prana in its totality; as the luminous pulsation arising from the source of our own being, which is the basis of all creation.’ Swami Shankardev Saraswati

‘As long as prana is retained in the body the individual soul does not leave the body. The departure of prana from the body is death. Therefore prana should be controlled.’  Yoga Chudamani Upanishad (v. 90). This is why yogis practice pranayama, in order to control and stabilize prana, improve health and increase longevity, and awaken higher consciousness.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a hidden reserve of energy, something in you that you can call upon in times of stress or when you feel exhausted?

In fact, each of us does have a reserve of great energy. It is called prana, your vital energy, your life force. Knowing how to cultivate and balance prana is the basis of a more vibrant, creative life.

Prana bank account

Each of us has a prana bank account. You were given a certain amount of energy at your birth, and you can, over the course of your life, learn how to generate more of this most precious commodity, store it safely and use it wisely.

The meditations in this course will teach you how to generate, store and access this energy when you need it most. They are used in yoga therapy, to heal both physical and psychological conditions, and to promote health and wellbeing.

The nature of prana can be difficult to grasp at first. Its nature is very subtle, highly changeable, and constantly moving. However, it is innate in you – it is your essential energy, your life force. You intuitively know when your prana is low, for example, when you say you are feeling flat, run-down or burnt out. You know when your prana is balanced when you feel happy, vital, and strong.

What most people don’t know is that you can consciously control the amount of energy in your body to achieve greater energy, vitality and health.

Access your hidden reserves of  prana

Dr Swami Shankardev developed the techniques in this course over the last 50 years. Initially, he engaged in self-healing, curing himself of asthma and other physical diseases of his childhood. He then applied them while working with patients in a yoga therapy setting.

The authentic yoga tantra meditation techniques in this course will teach you step-by-step methods to control and utilize the natural flow of prana in your body.

Learn to use prana meditations to ward off or recover from illness

When your body is strong and balanced, your natural energy is flowing in all your cells and organs. When this flow has been disrupted, the imbalance in body energy promotes ill health. The meditation techniques in the Prana and Pranic Healing Course improve the flow of prana, develop inner strength, restore health, and increase vitality.

Reduce the degenerative effects of aging

Prana and Pranic Healing techniques teach you to identify blockages in your body that prevent the natural flow of energy so that you feel invigorated. As your body becomes healthier you are better able to cope with the stress of everyday life. This reduces the effects of aging on your body.


01 Talk on Prana

02 Feeling the Five Pranas

03 The Two Forces

04 Psychic Breathing (Ujjayi)

05 The Gross and Subtle Breath

06 Moving the Prana

07 Purifying the channels

08 Prana Nidra

Publisher Info

Title: Prana and Pranic Healing – Experience of Breath and Energy

Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Content: Intro Talk and Guided Meditations

Media: Mp3

Duration: 150 minutes


The expert guidance and unhurried pace of the Prana and Pranic Healing meditations allow the practices to gently unfold into a powerful experience of vitality.

I feel that with each listening my experience of these profound techniques deepens and becomes more available to use in my daily life.

These meditations are an invaluable resource that addresses the needs of both beginner and advance students. Thank you for producing such insightful and clearly communicated work.

Having suffered from acute anxiety most of my life, which culminated in panic attacks and palpitations, I began my yoga journey by developing an awareness of the breath. When I started working with Big Shakti’s Prana and Pranic Healing Meditations my practice went to another level.

I noticed immediate results, my energy was increasing and I wasn’t filled with fear anymore. I feel so much stronger and more grounded. I hardly ever get palpitations now and look forward to a long and healthy life practicing yoga.

What is prana?

Prana is a subtle energy that is the source of life for all living creatures. The pranic energy within living beings is a special form of energy. It is your life force, your most precious possession.


01 Pranic Relaxation – Prana Nidra

Publisher Info

Title: Prana Nidra

Authors: Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati and Jayne Stevenson

Media: Mp3

Duration: 28.30 minutes

Prana is defined as vital energy, the life breath. It is the energy that animates the body and mind. you cannot live for even one second without prana. The more prana you have the more power and strength to live an active and happy life. When your prana is deficient, you feel weak and powerless.

What is the link between prana and breath?

Even though prana is defined as the life breath, it is not the gross breath in which oxygen is taken into the body and carbon dioxide is released. Prana is the energy that enables you to breathe. And of course, there is a very special connection between the breath and prana, your life force.

When you are in the womb you are connected to your mother’s energy. She is breathing for you. As soon as you are born your own prana kicks in and you need to breathe in, take in oxygen. This is your first act as a new life emerging onto the planet. When you die, you expire, you breathe your last breath and your prana leaves your body.

Between your first and last breath, you need to ensure that you are using your pranic bank account properly. Yoga teaches how you can use your breath to manage your prana so that you generate more and do not waste it.

Prana Nidra is a powerful yoga-tantra meditation technique that enables you to feel and experience your prana, generate more and learn how to distribute it to all the parts of your body for optimal health and wellbeing.

Cellular respiration and energy

The breath and your prana generate energy in the cells of your body via mitochondria, the “energy factory” of your body. There are thousands of mitochondria in nearly every cell in the body. Their job is to process oxygen and convert substances from the foods we eat into energy. Mitochondria produce approximately 90% of the energy your body needs to function.

Where does prana come from?

Prana is the life force that exists in all living beings. It enters your body in clean air, food and water. It is especially available, for example, in food that has been freshly picked from the garden as the life force is still present. It is not found in processed and junk food, which contains almost no prana.

You can also absorb prana in nature and especially in certain places, such as high mountains, near the ocean shore, and near a clean flowing river with fresh water. You can know when you , and in other places of great the energies of the earth and heavens.

Prana travels through thousands of tiny channels called nadis to every cell in the body. … Normally, prana is restricted from flowing through the sushumna by locks above each chakra.

Learn to feel your prana

As you learn to feel your prana, you intuitively know what makes you strong and healthy and what makes you weak and sick.

Generate, store and distribute

Awareness of prana allows you to consciously generate, store and distribute prana wisely.

Benefits of Prana Nidra

  • Uncover the mystery of the life-force
  • Discover the relationship between the breath and energy
  • Locate and liberate trapped energy
  • Reduce degeneration as you age
  • Create healthier flow in the cells and organs
  • Prepare the body-mind for higher spiritual practice
  • When you learn to experience and orchestrate the link between your breath and your prana, you will be able to access and elevate your entire life force in a practical, safe and balanced way

Prana Nidra

Best performed lying down, this technique uses the breath to harmonize and integrate prana in all the cells and organs of the body. This creates awareness of the vibration of prana deep within the tissues of the body and prepares the body-mind for higher practices.

Track 1. Talk on Prana


Track 2. Feeling the Five Pranas