Prana and Pranic Healing

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Experience of Breath and Energy ~ Prana Vijnana

Prana is the energy at the basis of creation. However, the prana within living beings is a special form of energy. It is the life force, your most precious possession.

Prana is vital energy, inner power and strength.

As you learn to feel your prana, you intuitively know what makes you strong and healthy and what makes you weak and sick. Awareness of prana allows you to consciously generate, store and use prana wisely.

What you will learn

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Uncover the mystery of the life-force, prana, so that you can experience it fully
  • Discover the relationship between the breath and prana
  • Locate and liberate trapped prana
  • Reduce degeneration as you age
  • Create healthier flow in the cells and organs
  • Prepare the body-mind for higher spiritual practice


The meditations in this course will enable you to experience

  • the psychic breath – Ujjayi, which is also called the yoga breath and the subtle breath
  • the difference between your gross breath and your subtle prana, the subtle energy that powers all the organs of your body and mind
  • the five sub-pranas and understand their relationships, and how they work to support each other
  • the two forces, the upward and downward force; balancing these forces creates health, strength and resilience in all the organs of the body.

You will learn how to

  • move prana in the body for healing
  • how to bring the five sub-pranas into a supportive relationship with each other
  • purify the pranic channels, remove blockages and create an alignment that enables prana to flow smoothly and evenly throughout the body
  • Pranic Relaxation – Prana Nidra                                                            28.24

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