Quick Start Guide & FAQs


If you have any issues with seeing Videos or Course Progress or Downloading files, clear your web browser cache. This solves 99.9% of issues.

How to clear your internet Browser Cache

  1. For detailed instructions visit  https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic
  2. After clearing your Cache, Restart your computer.
  3. If issues persist email [email protected] (let us know you have followed the above steps).

Ensure you receive our emails

Please add [email protected] to your email address book to ensure our emails reach your inbox – not your Spam folder.

{Gmail Users: ensure your study emails don’t go to your Promotions inbox.
Check in Google Webmail if you are unsure about this. Drag our emails from the Promotions tab into the Primary tab}. 

Bookmark Login for Quick Access

Bookmark this Login page for quick access (https://bigshakti.com/my-account/)

Select the big blue button My Courses. This will bring you to the course area.

Navigating the Course

On the Course homepage, you will see a list of Courses you are enrolled in and their associated Lessons.

Select Expand All to see each Lesson’s Topics.

Course Support & FAQs
















Expand Topics in right-hand navigation by clicking on the lesson arrow.

Course Support & FAQs

Course Progress

Course progress occurs when you Mark a Topic Complete. You are required to Mark a Topic complete before moving to the next Topic.

Note: Once you complete all Topics within a Lesson you will also need to Mark the Lesson Complete.


It is not essential to complete the quizzes. They are there to support your learning. If you get an incorrect answer you have the opportunity to repeat the quiz. If you do not participate in the quizzes you can still progress by Marking a Topic Complete.


Certificates are awarded to students who complete the Quizzes and receive an 80% pass rate.

Yoga Teachers Accreditation

Big Shakti’s courses are recognized by the Yoga Alliance (USA) as Continuing Education (non-contact hours), Satyananda Yoga Academy and SYTA (Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association) for Continuing Professional Development.

Course Support & FAQs