4 Steps to Sign Up and Adding Links

Before signing up you need a PayPal email address to receive payments. Once you have your PayPal email address.

Step 1. Sign up for the Affiliate Partner Account

Login to your existing Big Shakti account or Create a new account here https://bigshakti.com/affiliate-program/

If you login via your existing customer account go to the left link Affiliate Account and complete signup.

Affiliate Partner FAQs

Step 2. Your Affiliate ID and Referral Link

You will see your unique Affiliate ID and Referral URL.

You can add this link to your Website, Newsletter, or Social Media.

When your visitors click on the link they’ll come to Big Shakti’s home page. If they purchase a product you will receive 20% commission.

Affiliate Partner FAQs

Step 3. Generate Links to Shop or Product

To increase sales we recommend that you link people directly to our Shop, or a specific product that you choose to promote. Step 3.

To link your visitors to the Shop (with your Affiliate ID)

Enter the link shop in the Page Url Field: https://bigshakti.com/shop/

To link your visitors to a specific product (with your Affiliate ID)

Enter the link to that product e.g. https://bigshakti.com/shop/online-courses/relaxation-meditation-course/

Affiliate Partner FAQs
Affiliate Partner FAQs

Step 4. Use images rather than links

To add an image linked to your Affiliate ID click on Creatives

Paste the code into your Website or Email

Affiliate Partner FAQs